Friday, January 29, 2010

The proposal sans Ryan Reynolds

Workout today consisted of a brisk 2 mile run and my "pull" routine (See previous post by click here)

5 years ago today, a nervous United States Marine made a girl a spaghetti dinner in a cottage on the beach. While they were eating their classy meal of spaghetti and Bud Light, the Marine started to tell the girl how much she meant to him. The girl, obviously loving every moment of watching her hard to the core Marine up with how much he loved her. Then slowly, the Marine got out of his chair and came to the girl on one knee and pulled out the box every girl dreams about getting. His speech to the girl was true to his heart and before he could even finish his question, "Will you marry me?", the girl squeeled a "yes!". I love you baby, thanks for asking me.