Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little switcheroo

So as I promised you guys last night, I am going to let you in on my secret weapon when it comes to assembling a weight lifting routine for myself....................
....... OXYGEN MAGAZINE! Yes sir- it is my go to source when my workout routines could use a little more life, pep, zing, whatever you are lacking, Oxygen provides :) The most current issue with the gorgeous Mary Jarmolowich, includes a phase 2 out of their 3 month phase program.

Now, I am a HUGE fan of splitting up your workouts into pull (upper body exercises that utilize the muscles you use to pull), push (upper body exercises that utilize muscles that you push with) and legs (pretty self explanatory, no?)

This stuff really works, and if you are looking for something to get you out of your rut, I recommend it. Try it for 1 month and I guarantee you will see results (with a sensible diet of course). There, do I sound enough like a walking infomercial yet? Don't worry, I am still continuing on with my 10K training, but I'm adding some intervals in there (per the request of Oxygen).

I hope your Tuesdays are amazingly wonderful and have the power to walk away from the bowl of chocolate Hersey kisses on the receptionist desk. Only me? I'm determined to make this week a great week!



Tiff said...

I gotta admit- I LOVE health/fitness mags! Last night when I was on the upright bike, it literally felt like I was on their for 5 minutes when in reality it ws 30 because I was reading Self magazine.

Love your blog and love your support!

Kristen Payne said...

I love Women's Health! But now I may buy and Oxygen for a tester. Oh Karlie how do you get you sig at the bottom of your posts... I tried but it is not working... just wondering how you are doing it. :)

californiadreamin said...

Tiff- I can totally relate- when I got my Oxygen or some other health/fitness magazine, I can't help but read it from cover to cover and push myself through killer cardio sessions when I have amazingly gorgeous and healthy fitness models in front of me. Oh and your so welcome for the support- I LOVE your blog and love cheering you on :)
Kristen- the girl at Simply Design did it for me :) She is the one who designed my blog design