Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jillian is NEVER wrong

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. Who watched Biggest Loser last night? The Christmas colors are getting on my nerves! First up, green team- listen ladies- get over your "hardcore, I'm so strong, I take everything personally, all high and mighty" attitudes! Okay, so you had to get a 2 lb disadvantage, but guess what? SOMEONE HAD TO GET IT! IT'S NOT PERSONAL! IF YOU THINK YOUR SO STRONG AND CAN DO ANYTHING, THEN THIS SHOULDN'T BOTHER YOU! Ugh, I swear- even last week when the daughter was all frustrated when Jillian was all up in her face and wanted to leave, it made me mad. Jillian was telling her how if she doesn't shape up (literally!), her daughter will end up just like her and she didn't like to hear that one bit, but it's true and c'mon anyone who watches the show, knows Jillian's M.O. is to get into people's heads and break you down (to only build you back up again). Don't even get me started on their bitter betty attitude's when they fell below the yellow line.
Now, red team wife- GIVE ME A BREAK! Who do you think you are? How long has Jillian been doing this? Oh yeah, that's right, 18 years! You should know this because she told you when you were trying to convince her with your fake tears that you didn't throw the weigh in's (when you just so happened had immunity...hmmm...conincidence?)Then her husband get's his panties in a bunch when he's backin up his wife, telling Jillian how his wife is NOT a liar and how Jillian hurt her and blah blah blah. Oh and isn't it funny how Jillian was RIGHT when she predicted the wife would "miraculously" lose a huge amount this week (due to her -1's she's been pulling while she was throwing the weigh in's)?! 11 lb's the red woman lost and many "I can't believe it's" later, the green team is up for elimination, mua ha ha! Sorry, I know I sound insensitive, I just don't have sympathy for sore losers or people who play the game and then lie about it.

PS: I had my own little victory today- ROCKED it at the gym this morning with a sweaty 3 mile run (I ran 2 miles straight!!!) and heavy lifting with the legs! My legs are soooooo wobbly. Have no idea how I'm getting down the apartment stairs. Have an amazing day lovelies! Remember, YOUR worth it!



Tiff said...

I think the funniest part is that the red team girl doesn't even FAKE it well. C'mon, if you've been on the ranch for 3 weeks and you've only lost like 2lbs in the last 2 weeks you are going to cry and be upset, last week you could barely even tell by her reaction if she even cared. C'mon- at least try and act like you're not a caniving biotch.

Just sayin'

californiadreamin said...

Omgsh Tiff- I couldn't agree more!

Kristen Payne said...

I haven't seen this episode yet since it isn't on Hulu yet. But The red team has always rubbed me wrong from the beginning. The green team upset me because you should be taking the "do you want your daughter to end up like this?" as a slap in the face. They aren't calling these women bad parents, They are trying to wake them up because her daughter factually has a high risk of ending up like them. DUH! Season 8 I cried a lot... this season just pisses me off. I am way smaller than them and if I had just one second with Bob and Jillian I would let them yell at me until their veins exploded!! :)