Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last week was...

GREAT! In terms of my new workout plan with lifting and such, I was right on point! I did really good eating and it just shows. I wish I coulda taken before pics to show you guys, but the definition (especially in my abs and legs) were ziltch before this week. I worked hard and I am so proud of myself. How are you all doing? Are you hitting your workouts hard and knowing at the end you gave everything you had for that time? The thing I have to always tell myself to make myself push is "This 1 hour isn't going to kill you, it's going to make you stronger and healthier-mentally AND physically". N actually says he can tell a difference in my body (thanks baby <3)>

Oh so I was crazy curious as to how many calories I was going to burn yesterday cause I knew it was going to be a long day at "the office". So I thought why not strap on my heart rate monitor and see what I can do? I used to wear my HR monitor every time I worked out, and I've decided I'm doing it once again. Here is the HR my mama got me on my 21st birthday (right before I grabbed my health into my own hands and turned this unhealthy train around). It's a Polar F11 HR monitor.

Are you ready to hear how many calories I burned yesterday just while working out(nevermind the after burn!)? 1,018 calories- A-YO! This was monumental to me and almost a little thing to strive for every Saturday for me. I couldn't believe it- that's such a huge number to me! Seriously you guys, having a heart rate monitor gives you some major motivation to just go all out, balls to the wall, jacked up on Mountain dew, hardcore on your workouts. You see that number and you just wanna set a goal for yourself to get to 'X' and the game is on!

But seriously, yesterday's workout was intense! I have to tell you all something too...a confession of mine...there is something about running over 3.5 miles that freaks me out. It's weird- it's like I get scared ( or maybe bored?). I ran my 4 miles yesterday, but barely. Once I got to 3, I wanted to just stop and call it good enough. The red "stop" button on the treadmill was calling my name. Next Saturday, my schedule is calling for 4.5 miles and seriously, I am NOT looking forward to it. There is something about it, that I don't have an answer for that just makes me go "Ugh!" Does this happen to anyone else, or just me? Like is there a workout or a certain class you take that you dread, but do it anyways?

So I ran my 4 miles, walked into my level 2 X bike class (What the eff?! The website said it was level 1!) and left drenched sweatier than a Guido fist pumping it on the dance floor.

I am addicted the sweat! When I leave the gym and my hair is soaked and my tank top is soaked- I know I left all my issues from the week at the gym, and I gave it all I had. All 1,018 calories of myself-gone!

This week we start February and I know it's going to be spectacular. I hope you all reached your January goals- this week will be a brand new month, and this will be YOUR month! My goal for February is to get more active on Sparkpeople. I miss it and all my peeps!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!



Tricia said...

Whoohooo great job!

californiadreamin said...

Thanks Tricia :D

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

AHHH I need a heart rate monitor ASAP! That's my next purchase on Friday! Plus I want Spin shoes!