Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So what did ya think?

I LUUURVED it! It was a night of tears and laughs for me. The tears came when each team explained why they are as big as they are & how sad they are. Then of course NBC plays the same music they played when Bambi's mother died, and it's the waterworks for me. Thank God I recorded it, because right at about 55 seconds, my favorite part of the night happened. Bob said "RAWR". HA HA- now I apologize for those who do not know my "STRAIGHT" (Thank you to my friend Alicia for correcting me) personal trainer, Bob. But when that man's say's "rawr", it is hilarious! I even had to show N when he came home from work what my little Roberto said. N seemed as enthused to watch it as Kirstie Alley is to get back into her Jenny Craig contract.

My favorite team is the pink and orange team. That mama Cheryl on orange team is cuh-razy when she gets going in the gym. She had a lot of aggression and I'm pretty sure it had to do with her son's white man fro.

Picture from here

Pink team is my other fav, cause duh, pink is my favorite color. I am pretty disappointed that the brown team lost last night because they are one of the biggest couples The Biggest Loser has had. BUT James, the one of the 2 guys in the team who went home, has lost 100 pounds since he's been home, so snaps to you James!

Like I said watching the new seasons of The Biggest Loser always kicks my butt into high gear, and this season is no different. I went to the gym last night and ran 2 miles and I so badly wanted to run 3, but thanks to my cold I thought I was over, I coughed up a lung and wasn't able to do another mile on just 1 lung. I am planning on turning in early though so I can revisit my boyfriend tomorrow morning (Tread Mill for those new readers), yay!! I'm feeling a 3 miler comin on. I HAVE to start training for that 10K coming in Spring too, EEEK!! A 10k is the next logical choice since I've had a few 5K's, but still-TEN KAY! WHEW! I know I can do it- I didn't think I could do my 5K, and I've done 3! I encourage anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and to give themselves a goal to complete one. Training for one is a great way to keep your endurance up throughout the lazy winter months too. Try one, you can do it :)