Monday, January 11, 2010

I got it!!

So before I even start this blog, you must know all your prayers and thoughts worked...I GOT THE JOB I interviewed for!! E-yo! More on that later on..just keep reading for now :)
So the time has come to take my butt back to the gym! It's about time. The cold lingered for a good 2 weeks and then with moving and packing and then totally tweaking out my back, it made it impossible. Turns out, my back is starting to feel better, so I am most def taking full advantage of it. So I am hitting the gym tomorrow and getting ready there in the morning. After the gym, I'll be heading to....... MY NEW JOB!! BOO YA! The interview went so good & the office is gorgeous! It's a small office with mostly girls my age & it sounds like a fairly easy job and the location couldn't get better! It'll be roughly a 15-18 minute drive to mine and N's new apartment. I couldn't be happier! When one door closes, another one opens. And my new supervisor has 2 miniature wiener dogs just like my Daisy Mae (who is loving the new comfy couches, btw). We had a good chat about our babies and in my mind, we connected like soul mates over our love for our German doggies.
But no joke, I am SO excited to get into my new gym schedule down now that we are just right down the road from it. My plan is to do like I did back in North Cackalacky and go to the gym before work. Except the gym here doesn't make me shiver when I think about showering, so I'll be taking full advantage of their exclusive locker room. Since my back is still a tad tender, I just plan on running and doing some lower body work. I wanna run a 3 miler so bad. No clue why thinking about killing myself on a rubber track excites me so much, but it gets me more excited then news of Octomom getting her tubes tied.

I really need to get this Operation healthiest/fittest as possible before baby comes on the road!