Friday, March 4, 2011

Confession Friday

Oh boy do I have a couple things I need to confess and give off my chest {Hey! That rhymed!} So I'm following all my girls and linking up for a little Confession Friday post

I confess I swaddle Troy anytime he sleeps. Some people don't agree cause it confines their motor skills, but Troy will no sleep unless he is swaddled. He cant control his hand movements and they take away his binky. When he can control them, I'll let him sleep unswaddled.

I confess that I am all talk. I used to say I'd taste my breast milk. It honestly grosses me out when I see it pumping out of me. Glad the little dude loves it haha

I confess that I don't love the newborn stage. I will be happy when Troy hits about 4 months and I can start introducing foods. I'm so excited to make some baby food!

I confess I miss Nick when he isn't home. Its so silly since I don't go more than 10 hours without seeing him, but when he's at work, I miss his cute face

I confess that I am so guilty of talking in annoying baby talk. Not only do I talk in high pitched voices to Troy, but I give him zerberts on his stomach and cheeks to see if I can get a smile. Poor child haha!

Link up here to confess all your crazy wrongs :)


Breanna said...

Hahahaha I do the high pitch voice with allen too! Also, Reagan had to be swaddled till she was 9 months or else she couldn't fall asleep..

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is such a cute post it lets us get to know you better! I really like your blog and always enjoy reading your posts.