Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Morning workouts - WINNING

What up ladies? I thought I should do a little Charlie Sheen inspired blog post today. Little dude has his 2 month check up which includes yucky shots, so I'm keepin this lighthearted since he may not be a happy camper after his appointment.

* Owned 3.15 miles on the tread this morning - WINNING!
* Finally got the booger in little dudes nose that I've been hearing up there for awhile but couldn't get it - WINNING!
* Brad picking Emily - WINNING! In fact, pass the Tigers Blood * Speaking of Bachelor - Chantel & Brads shark date - ON MY BUCKET LIST, so I am a tad bit jealous

{Totally want her hair}

* Sippin on my gin and juice, er, Sbucks coffee while T is sleeping and watching my shows - WINNING!!!


Traci said...

Very funny, cute post!

I also love hearing about your workouts! I was so good about working out after having the baby, I was at the gym 2 weeks post postpartum! Now that I'm back to work...eh not so much and I'm feelin' yucky! I've got the Shred but I'm so bad about working out at home...bleh!

I'm hoping one of your workout posts will give me that motivation that I need!

Annie said...

nice job on the run lady!!! you knew you could do it! :)
and yay for getting the boogie ;) haha!

hope you have a wonderful day!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I ran 2 miles today! I was uber impressed with myself I wanted to run 3 but I stopped since this is the first time I've exercised in almost a month.