Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Morning all! So yesterday I was true to my word and ROCKED a 5K on that rubber track, I fondly call "Tread" (I also call him my abusive boyfriend to my new followers). Not only that, but I also pounded out my killer strength training routine for my gams! Yup, I'm feeling it this morning.
This weekend has already started fabulously - Nickmesiter and I went to the ATT&T store and I got hooked up with a sweet iphone4 A-YO! Then I had to stop by this place since it was right next door and I would have been arrested if I didn't grab a sweet deliciois cupcake. I got the Pumpkin one and it was a party in my mouth.
Today Im hitting the grocery store to fill up the joint with some grub, but not before I hit the gym to rock out another 5K, then tomorrow I'll be off, then back at it by Monday. Feels good ladies, Im not gonna lie. I fight myself the whole way to the gym, but once Im there? I am THERE, ya know? Tonight we are meeting with the Besties, Jenni and Chris for movie and dinner date night. Gonna see Red Riding Hood, anyone seen it? Thoughts? I think it looks pretty darn sexy and ever since Mama Mia, I have fallen in love with Amanda Seyfried.


Katie said...

Nice work!!! Love the new header :D

And I meant to comment on one of your last posts (with the chicks lol), thanks for the inspiration!!

Shann said...

Wow... good job with the 5K.

Hope you enjoyed the movie with your Besties!