Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation get the bo-day back!

Good evening lovelies! Yes, evening. My day has been pretty hectic - in a good way of course. Troy has started to take shorter naps during the day. Shorter meaning 30 MAYBE 45 minutes at a time. Then he's up and he's a handful. Being the mama of a boy is gonna be a crazy ride, I can already tell. He was wanting to be held which can be a total issue at times since my plan was to clean the house. Since the little dude was ultra clingy to mama, I put him in the ergo baby carrier (which he can now face forward it, woot woot!) and got both bathrooms done before he started getting bored and fussing. So out of the carrier and into his swing he went. I started cleaning the kitchen thinking he was good to go, until I heard more fussing. So, needless to say, it took me foreeeevvvveeeeer to clean today.

Operation get the bo-day (aka BODY to those who don't speak Karli) back is still alive and kicking. Today was 2.65 mile run on Tread and abs. I used to do planks a lot pre Troy with ease. HA! Well planks just laughed at me in the face! My plan says I gotta do 3 for 30 seconds. Not too bad right? I was shaking sooooooo badly. I mean, BAD! I watched the sweat drip onto the mat under me and my arms shaking out in front of me. Thank GOD there isn't anyone really there at that hour. Twas pretty embarrassing for moi. But at least I'm there, right? Right! If Troy allows me - meaning he isn't a fussy butt this week, I will be going to the gym every day this week (Except Sat & Sun of course) .That will be my first full week of working out since Troy, what what? I know in a post a couple weeks ago, I said my goal would be back to running a 5K every morning. Well that "couple of weeks" is THIS week I believe, and yaaaaaa, that's not happening. I'm giving myself this week and next week to get back to it. That way it'll be a consistent 2 weeks of running again. I'm just gonna have to learn to roll with the punches since little dude is here - there are always gonna be hiccups with a baby. 53 days till Mexico ladies!


Breanna said...

Sorry Troy is fussy. I think its this age, the growth sputs and everything else.

Good luck with the gym every day this week!!

Anonymous said...

How are you liking your ergo baby? I was seriously considering purchasing one but I thought the baby couldn't forward face? Am I confused?

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

keep up the good work

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Get it girl! I like the 5k in the morning thing! I should try it!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

you'll be back to pre body in about a day with all that ur doing...shesh!

my work out consists of chasing lily and picking up the house! next thing i know the big kids are home from school and i start w/dinner...then clean up ....then make lunches for next thing i know it's bath time for the little ones...and ready for bed....then i blink and it's 10:45 and hubs and i visit before crashing...i'm not sure when i get to stick anything more in there. i don't know how ppl do it!

great job! i'm envious!