Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The sun is shining ladies. This is fabulous news because that means the lttle dude and I can get out of the casa and look at all the fancy houses in the neighborhood across the street.
This morning I had to dig deep into my motivation bag and take a shot of Tigers Blood to get my arse to the gym. I woke up at 3:15 to feed T and pump (oh joy...) and when that was all said and done, it was 4:00. No need in crawling back into my nice warm bed where the hubbinator was slumbering *le sigh*. Once I got to the gym and started that belt spinning on good ol' Tread, I was feelin good. I ended up with 2.5 miles and did my ab workouts. I was feeling so good and awake (and sweaty) when I left. And now? I am pooped. No joke, I am PRAYING that Troy takes a nice afternoon nap so mama can get at least 30 minutes of shut eye time. I am feeling like such an old lady when Nick gets home. After we eat and have the time to hang out and talk, I wanna go to bed and he deserves better - so if I can get a nap, I'll be a bright eyed and bushied tale wife with dinner on the table and a smile on her face! I just have to keep telling myself, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. FOURTY FIVE DAYS & I'll be lookin like this

{I will NOT be in the water tho - I am a firm believer I send out a radar for sharks once I set a toe in the ocean}

Drinking a couple of these -


Annie said...

i hope you can get a nap in today when your little guy does! being awake since 3:15 must make it tough to get through a day! i know i would be struggling! good for you on working out though!!
your vacation will be here before you know it! lucky girl!

Kourtney said...

You're a tough chick! My hubby gets up for work at 3am and he is really dragging by the end of the day, so I know it can be rough. Hope your little man gave ya a little break today.
Those pictures make me yearn for the beach NOW! That water is gorgeous. But I'm with you on the shark thing!