Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day after shots = Fussy baby

Oh boy oh boy. My poor little dude was soooo incredibly fussy last night. I thought for sure he'd sleep like a rock (never got that expression btw - do rocks sleep?), but he whimpered and moaned and groaned in his swing, so he never got to sleep soundly. So that means, mommy had to get up numerous times last night. I was delirious every time I woke up - ran into the door, ran into the footboard of the bed, ran into the corner of the kitchen counter. It was a very eventful night. Then this morning, he is still whiney and fussy. You can tell he just doesn't feel 110%. So being up all night, it was not hard to listen to Nick when my 4:10AM wake up call went off, and just stay in bed and skip today at the gym. Not only because I was tired, but because I knew once I left, Troy would be awake again and Nick would have to be the one to get outta bed and comfort him and since Nick works, I don't wanna put that on him. What can I say, I spoil the man.

So today, I'm venturing out into this gloomy weather and meeting up with my Bestie Jenni. We're going to Babies R Us - the place where mom's can drop a fortune! WHICH, I will not :) I need to get Troy Maximus a humidifier (he's stuffy and his pediatrician said it'd really help and it would make it so I didn't have to use that suction syringe on his nose), and I gotta get some more infant tylenol. I am almost out and the nurses suggested he have some for the next 48 hours to help with his discomfort. I'm all for that - no need in having him be miserable....or mama be exhausted haha!


Mrs. Stethoscope said...

O girl I feel for you.. E doesnt do well with her shots... we have now started giving her a dose of motrin before hand, and then tylenol or motrin every 4 hours for 24 hours after that... its gotten better as she has gotten older.

Breanna said...

Poor little guy :( I hope he feels better soon. Have fun at BRU and try to stay dry!

Allen was the same way after his shots and his poor legs had knots on them :(