Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy guacamole

Good afternoon ladies! I hope you are all having a nice relaxing and quiet Sunday afternoon. Me? Not so much quiet. See, i am dealing with a 6 week old that is amazingly fussy and hungry. I was reading on baby, and it sounds like babies go through a big growth spurt at week 3 and week 6. Well la dee da, Im just soooo lucky. Last night Nick and I were so thankful when my sister, niece and dad agreed to watch little dude so we could go out on a date, boy did we needed it. Before we went, i stopped at babies r us to get this swaddling blanket called, "the miracle blanket". I've read so many reviews that said their babies slept 8 hours after trying this swaddled. Well guess what? Not my child. In fact he seems to despise it. We had a regular and cheaper Swaddle Me blanket that he didn't seem to mind, but we have noticed he can bust out of it so we got The Miracle Blanket. Maybe he's fussy due to the growth spurt and it has nothing to do with the blanket, but we aren't having luck with it either way. He refuses to sleep in it. So tonight I am using the old Swaddle Me blanket and Ill bring out the miracle blanket after this whole 6 week growth spurt goes away, grrrrr. Any of you mamas who read my little blog have any advice when the babes are uberfussy?


Mrs. Stethoscope said...

O girl if there is one thing I know about is super de duper fussy babies.. I had an infant with reflux and didnt know it until she was almost 7 weeks old... While Im only a first time mom myself.. I can tell you the things that we found WORKED FOR US.. every baby is different so who knows if they will owrk for you but its worth a try

1- mobey wrap
2-when she wouldn't calm down at all I would turn the vaccume on
3-a sound machine in her room turned up LOUD
4-the bathtub would calm her down

when E went through the 6 wk growth spurt I just put her in my bed for a night or two to make it easier on my self instead of having to get up every few min to calm her down.

they were many a nights I would be up just walking around with her.. she is a mover.. as soon as I would stop walking she would start fussing.. which sometimes the swing would help sometimes not.. but a car ride always helped and usually put her to sleep.

also we got gripe water which seemed to help her not be gassy which would make her even more fussy.

but seriously sometimes I would run the vacume for like an hour...

Traci said...

Ditto on the vacuum, seems odd but it works...until you turn it off, ha ha!

A nurse recommended for us to use infant gas drops(I think that's the same thing as the gripe water, not sure though)it worked wonders! Sometimes we would just put it in her bottle.

...and the walking and bouncing around. I remember doing laps in the kitchen at 3:30 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Yep I know all about fussy babies. I just recently did a post on surprise lifesavers...vacuum cleaner, bathroom fans, moby wrap, swaddleme blanket, am radio.... Hope you find somthing soon that helps!

Annie said...

this was informational for me to read :) good to know some tips from other momma's.
have you read the book "happiest baby on the block"? i have a friend who swears by this book. she said it helped her a ton when her boys would fuss. i bought it over the weekend. i'd be willing to send it to you after i read it if you are interested.