Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Happy Hump Day!! Today is my monthly "Mommy and Me" get together with Bestie Jenni and Sara with their little girls. I look forward to these get together all month, it's always so much fun and it's great to get outta the house with the little dude. I also get the pleasure of picking up the Bunny Boo from school today, double bonus today!

Lets talk about working out - the reason why I started my blog in the 1st place. First up- LEGS! - having killer toned/semi muscular legs have always been a goal of mine. Before pregnancy, I was very happy with my legs. They were strong runners legs- Toned and tan and carried me for miles *le sigh*. But now it's time to get that back! Next week is my 6 week post partum checkup where I get the okay to start running again, and I'm not wasting anytime, I'll be back at the gym the following morning, mua haha! Some women are obsessed with the thin look. Think Victoria Secret models (I'm looking at YOU Giselle Bechlkajskdjakjsdn), and Megan Fox sorta celebs

No gracias. I look at legs on Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Juliane Hough, and fitness guru Jamie Eason, and drool! I mean these girls have amazingly toned and strong looking legs

So with that being said, I am sharing my plan of attack on my gams! Come in Oxygen Magazine. I've always had great luck with Oxygen magazines workouts and am piecing my total body workout by flipping through old issues and picking and choosing. Since these are all strength training exercises, I put running (hello marathon training is about to begin!) and XBike on my "to do's" for cardiovascular

Wish me luck ladies! Tomorrow I'll dive more into my cardio/marathon planning and training, EEEK! Mar-a-thon! Twenty six point two miles! SCARY!! Any tips for a marathon virgin?


Cyn said...

I am new to your blog (♥ it -- you are just adorable) -- and just wanted to wish you luck! I just joined a gym and hope to get back to training for my first marathon (half-a-thon in Aug) as well!

Just gotta say -- you look FABULOUS for having had a baby just a mere 5-6 weeks ago!


Eve said...

I love Jamie Eason - perfect body! I love your plan of piecing together different workouts from Oxygen - a pic n mix of workouts! Awesome!

A Real Housewife said...

You are a power house! Good for you to have such an awesome goal. I have yet to hit the gym since having my baby....ugh

Traci said...

You are right on! Carrie Underwood has AH-mazing legs!

Anonymous said...

Carrie's got hawt legs for sure.