Saturday, March 19, 2011


So yes, I have been a little MIA these past couple of days. There hasn't been much to report other than the little dude continued his freakout fussiness (thank you 2 month old shots) until Thursday. Thursday night was like Heaven - he was back to sleeping and not making a peep until 2-3AM (feeding/fresh diaper time) and then woke back up for the day around 6:30AM (the norm). Same thing last night, so it's safe to say that those nasty side effects are outta his system. I get 2 whole months until this happens again, *le sigh*.

Yesterday the Nickmesiter and I went to the tattoo shop to get some ink. On him, not me, sadly - next time, it's MY turn. He has had a tattoo on his arm ever since he got back from Iraq that's needed to be filled. We're talking 5 years people! The arm needed some color. The guy at the shop did an awesome job -



Today it's been Fuh-REEEEZING. So it was gym, grocery store for me since we didn't have a crumb left in the joint. I rocked 3 miles on Tread, and then did some abs. It was a major argument with myself about going to the gym. The lazy part of me REAAAAAAALLY didn't want to go. It was cold, raining, and I wanted to just lounge. But then the determined and vain part of me, bitch slapped the lazy one and I got my arse to the gym. Needless to say, it was a good decision. I walked outta there with a wet tank top and a runners high (totally legal, I swear). Tonight is a MUCH NEEDED date night with my one and only. Gonna see Battle: LA and then headed to THIS place for some deeelish grub. If you have a Pete's Brewhouse, I recommend it HGHLY. Everything on their menu is so yum & their beer isn't half bad either and right now, mama needs herself a nice cold one after the sleepless week I've had. Have a splendid Saturday ladies!