Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Weeks old

Somebody is 6 weeks today!! ....and a tad on the cranky side...
I love me some Yo Gaba Gaba
Thinking about rolling over - he actually rolled on his side, I'm so proud :)
"I think I can, I think I can"
Tummy time, woo hoo!!
Face all red from fussing
"Okay mom, no more pictures okay?!?!"
Mama KINDA caught a smile

Things that are happening this week:
* You have been going through a growth spurt - you are up every 2 hours, sometimes 1.5 to eat and/or be fussy. It's making mama's concealer come in handy for those dark circles under her eyes
*Your very close to smiling on demand. Mommy and daddy are so excited for that moment to happen and mommy is constantly trying to tickle you or say funny things to you in funny voices. You usually just look at me like I'm nuts and do little coo's
* Speaking of coo's - you are starting to talk more and sometimes you'll make a cry out sound just to hear your voice - just like mama :)
*Today we did some tummy time where mommy swears you are trying to roll over on your back. You did manage to roll on your side after a few grunts and gurgles.
*You are loving some Yo Gaba Gaba and Little Ms Spider on Nick Jr. Mommy is guilty of letting you watch this, but you do seem to get overstimulated in 30 minutes time. Sometimes you fall asleep, other times your ready to do something else with mama.
* You are becoming your own person and I can see different characteristics that mommy and daddy have given you. When you were born, you were a spitting image of daddy, but now, I see you have mommy's eyes, and MAYBE my lips, but the rest of you is all daddy.
* You are definitely showing mommy what it's like to not always be all about herself. Not that mommy is self centered, but I am learning that my hair is not always going to be done, and my makeup is going to consist of only mascara for a day since that's all the time you give me.
*You love taking our daily walks - weather permitting. You look around and up at the big blue sky, taking in your surroundings. I am dying to know what your thinking.
* Mommy is trying to get you on some sort of a schedule. I'd say 80% of the time it works, the other 20% of the time you just laugh at me and make your own schedule.
* Your going through a growth spurt - and eating 4 - 5 ounces every 1.5-2 hours, your sucking mommy DRY!
* You love looking at daddy and just absorbing his face


Breanna said...

Ohhh he is absolutely precious!!! Yay, Go Troy!!

Kristen said...

I can't believe he is 6 weeks already!

Cyn said...

Too darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Amen on the concealer, girl! I think it every time I put it on. :) He's too cute...and look at all that hair!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Can't believe he is 6 weeks old already!

jamiebartley said...

I know how you feel I have a four month old

stopping by from Find Friends Friday
Thank you for joining

Annie said...

i can not believe 6 weeks have already gone by!! just crazy!!! troy is adorable!! :)
hope you are having a great day girly!