Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 month Check Up

So my little dude was less than thrilled about getting poked twice. Lets start with the happy stuff - he weighed in at 10lbs 10 ounces (in the 45-50% range), his height measured at 22 3/4 inches (50% range), and his head circumference is 15 3/4 inches (50% range). The good doctor got to have a conversation with Mr. Troy. Troy just couldn't stop gabbing it up with him, it was adorable!

The sad stuff - Holy crap, I was NOT prepared to cry. I mean, I always hear mom's cry when their babies get shots, but I didn't think it'd bug me. I mean, whats the big deal? Just a small shot and its necessary and it'll keep him healthy. WRONG! The nurse came in and thankfully they combined 4 of the shots into 1, so there would only be 2 pokes. She asked that he lay on the table to make it easier/safer (no problemo - don't want to get poked by accident if he squirms), and hold his arms across his chest. I put my mouth near his ear and started talking to him about what a good boy he was, that we can go home after this and chow down...you know all the good things babies want to hear, and I then started to just stare at him, thinking he'd be distracted when he got poked. Right when the 1st shot happened, all hell broke loose! He looked at me and his eyes filled with tears and he took a deep breath in and let out a scream I've never heard before. It was the worst scream - the "Im in pain!!!" cry. I put my cheek to his and started crying, and trying to attempt my best comforting pep talk through the tears. I was so embarrassed and the nurse actually ended up rubbing MY back afterwards to comfort ME. She told me all new mommies have problems with this part. Whew, glad Im not alone :)

I calmed little dude down (via boobies!!) and let him just chill, then it was on our way home we went. He woke up when we got home, shot back 4 more ounces of the good ol' milk, and is now peacefully sleeping in his swing. His next appointment is on June 1st, where we get to do this again......Oy vey!


erin said...

Aww, just reading this made me get teary-eyed! I am sure I will cry when I take Charlotte to get her first shots, too. Totally normal, IMO.

Ashley said...

Absoutley so true, you are not alone at all. It happens to all moms and hearing about poor wee Troy just made me break down too. Apparently mom's are softies. :)

Anonymous said...

Wait until he's even older. Like 1? When he really understands and knows what's about to happen. OMG... I feel so bad every time.