Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well all you gorgeous people- I woke up this morning (despite me hitting the snooze about oh 10 times), and I loaded my system with 2 cups of coffee and 1 english muffin with some almond butter and honey. I was a woman on a mission and that mission was tackling 4.5 miles on Tread.

First off- it was PACKED! I don't know why it bugs me because I should be happy that hundreds of people in my city want to become healthy. All shapes and sizes and gender and color....but was I? NO! I really hate and dread it when the gym is so packed, I was already thinking to myself "good luck finding a treadmill, Karli". But guess what? I found one! So I flipped on the tv (my gym has tv's on every treadmill and elliptical, pretty shnazy eh?) and The Client was on. YES! I used to watch this movie almost every week and it was there I fell in love with Brad Renfro (yes, I was devastated when he died!).

To be honest it kept me occupied till about mile 2, then my mind was wandering which is never good cause that's when I get bored and wanna quit, so I knew it was time for some Lady Gaga tunes. Let me just throw in there, that I was lucky to find myself the ONLY friggin treadmill without an A/C or fan on it. I was cookin! Just fuels my fire baby- I don't feel like I've accomplished anything unless I am dripping.

30 minutes later and BAM! 4.5 miles conquered baby! This was HUGE for me- the most I have EVER ran at once WAS (because it's not the case anymore) 4 miles! It's a good Saturday!