Monday, February 15, 2010

My weekend in pictures

So I never did run those 5 miles on Saturday- I called it an emergency rest day because I've been feelin some pains in the old knees, and the last thing I want to do is burn myself out, so Saturday, Sunday, and today I'm not working out except the walking I'll be doing with grocery shopping and the cleaning our love shack today. Believe me, it's heavy duty cleaning, so I know it'll be a workout. I hope all of your Valentine's were good to you, I know mine was :) It was our 5 year anniversary- A-yo! We decided to stay in and not go out last minute. It was actually really nice. We went for our massages yesterday, went to Lowes (check out the pics of our patio in progress), and then came home to just relax and watch Couples Retreat (HILARIOUS!!!), and N even made it more romantic by making a fire. I decided if we weren't doing the going out on the town thing, I wanted to make our anniversary/V Day, cheeeesy- enter heart shaped pizza! haha! ANNND I made us each heart shaped personal cakes (We ended up sharing one). I thought I was being oober healthy by using a oil/shortening/butter subsitute for the cake and the frosting. It's made out of prunes and other various fruits. The verdict? The cake itself was delicious and most and the frosting? Eh, not toooo shabby, but it wasn't quite the vanilla frosting taste I wanted. N's verdict was to use REAL vanilla frosting next time on his. My anniversary gift from N? Well since my Romeo likes tradition, the 5 year anniversary gift is supposed to be wood, so he stuck to that to a 'T'! Only him and I would understand this joke with the saying, but let's just say, I LOVED his gift and I appreciated the thought that went into it. It's original and I love him evern more. So without further udo- here is my weekend in pictures.


N's brand spankin new BBQ (with a certain little ham infront)

Our little Oasis - IN PROGRESS

HEHE, N was crazy obsessed with me taking pictures like this for daaays- now I know why

So if the frosting was on neater, you could see the heart- trust me it's there- if I hadn't used the subsitute in the frosting, it would have been white

The start of our night

You can see how I try to justify my pizza is healthy with the few spinach leaves I had on the heap of mozarella and chedder

Just so you all can see what was in the subsitute

The cake mix- got it at Target for $3.99- not too shabby



erin said...

I love the heart-shaped cake and pizza. Too cute!