Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes, there just isn't any oomph

So today's workout consisted of a half assed 20 minute interval run on Tread and then some ab workouts. I woke up crazy tired and let's just say N doesn't deserve to wake up to a Coyote Ugly in the AM's- just isn't right. X Bike kicked my ass last night and with only 1 rest day in the past 9 days, it can be a little much on the old body. So I've made the decision to make Thursday a mandatory rest day. I'm going to sleep in an extra hour and just let my body to it's thang and chill. Even when I was running, it took everything I had in me not to just hit that temptational red stop button. That is my body's hint to me that I need to take a chill pill.

Who's excited it's Tuesday? All the good shows come on- Hello Biggest Loser! I look forward to watching my best friends Jillian and Bob force 15+ pounds off of people each week. It's so motivational and when that wonderful music starts up in the intro, I can't help but not as myself, "What have I done today to make me feel proud?" Today it's most def getting out of bed when all I wanted to do was hit snooze and call it a day.

What have YOU done today to make you feel proud? Did you conquer that treadmill? Did you lift a little heavier today, or did you pass up that Ed Hardy t-shirt in fear of looking like Mr. D bag himself, Mr. Jon Gosselin?



Fat to Fab! said...

I totally agree! 6.2 miles scares me too :) We can do it! I think I am going to try level 2 tomorrow. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful day

Alicia Ann said...

You read my mind when it comes to the Biggest Loser intro music! I love it! You are my inspirtation girl... I am not quite up to your level of work out but i am getting there.
Love you and your huge heart!

Tiff said...

Oh I am right there with ya sister- I cannot STAND him. Did you see the episode where he wore that shirt that said LIES LIES LIES?!


Kristen Payne said...
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Kristen Payne said...

Okay so I am PROUD of myself... I did my 2ND FIRST DAY of 30DS. Yes my 2nd First day. After starting it the first time I only did it two day and then I did some p90x and that was OVER a month ago before my parents came for Christmas... okay so 2 months. I know I have just had a baby about 4 months ago, BUT No more excuses. I can do 30min a day! It isn't going to kill me! Thank you for being a motivator!

californiadreamin said...

Way to go Kristen! Glad I could motivate you :) It's hard work, but it pays off BIG time!

Tiff- I DID see that episode! He makes me sooooooo mad. He's Captain D bag!

Alicia Ann- Keep to it girl! It took me a tad over a year to get where I wanted to be, but that's because I had a few slip ups on the way and I didn't quite understand workouts and nutrition yet. A GREAT place for food and exercise adive is of course, me :) he he, or sparkpeople.com! HUUUGS!