Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunless Tanners

HAPPY TUESDAY!!! Not only is The Biggest Loser all new tonight, but the new season of 16 and Pregnant is coming out tonight! What can I say- I love my reality shows. Which leads me to my question of the day for you all......
Could you please recommend a good, nay GREAT, tanning lotion? I HAVE to be tan- that's just how it is. It makes me feel a lot better about myself (as shallow as it may be) and I feel like I just look healthier with color. HOWEVER, I am unable to justify to N how I "NEEEEEED" to spend $20 a month on tanning. Sooooo, since the lotion would slow my aging process down a bit anyways, I need a good lotion. I've tried some that make my hands, knees, and ankles look orange and turned my sheets a orange shade (I have white sheets, so it CAN'T rub off like that). Oh and did I mention how I don't wanna look like Snooki Snickers?



Kristen Payne said...

Arbonne has a GREAT sunless tanner. You do need to wash your hands just be mild on your feet. I used it all throughout my pregnancy since I couldn't tan in a bed. It was awesome. I put it on and the next day I was darker and the day after that I was freaking thinking it wouldn't stop. It bronzes you (no orange unless you pour it on) and would be great for in between tanning bed sessions. You can't purchase it without knowing a consultant... but you do... ME! Let me know if you want to try it. 45 day money back Guarantee! Arbonne products are Pure, Safe, and Beneficial!


Cherie said...

I've heard St. Moritz is amazing.