Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just do it!

Whew! We are almost to the end of the week, *insert church choir singing here*! I knew this morning was gonna be a MAYJA killa' at the gym. So when the alarm went off at 4:30 AM, I jumped outta bed and right into my shox with a smile on my face.....errrr....not quite. I sluggishly got outta bed when all I wanted was to just go back to sleep, but I knew I'd be kicking myself in the ass if I did that. So, into the shox I went, a banana and half a almond butter and jelly english muffin in my belly, and I took my butt to the gym!

I think I'll take a picture of myself when I leave the gym, just so you guys can see my face. I look like a lobster! Today was 3.5 miles and leg lifting. Leg days are my favorite you guys! Like I wish I could do legs everyday (but we all know muscles need their rest to see results, right? Right!). Growing up, I have always had bigger legs (and bootay) then all the other girls. True, when I was in about Sophomore/Junior year of High School, they weren't anything to write home about, but now, I am PROUD of my legs. They are strong and toned(ish), and they carry me far when I run. I LOVE these Nike ads and I just had to share them with you guys. Both of which are part of my desktop collage on my computer.

* If you can't read the small print, I recommend googling them (Google images: Nike women's butt ad and Nike women's legs ad) and putting them on your desktop ASAP-they are great ads to always have in front of you*

I am so proud of what my legs can do and how much they can press and squat and how far they can run. They have taken me thru 3 5K's and soon to be a 10K, not to mention the countless miles on the pavement and on Tread. When I lift with my legs, I feel like I get the results I want and fast!

Oh and totally off topic, but has anyone been watching the show starring my best friends, Jillian and Bob (seriously- I refer to them as my bff' kinda embarrasses N)? Does anyone else notice the Ms. Jill is perched like a monkey on the treadmills way more this season? Okay, I LOVE my J girl, but I couldn't run towards her open legs day after day. Or could I? I think I might actually just suck it up to have 1 chance to workout with her. I would love to see what she goes through when she works out. I listen to her podcasts and she sorta kinda touches on the topic of her workouts, but I wanna actually see someone tougher than her, kick her butt.

Anywhoot, I have 1 more week to kick MY butt until mine and N's 5 year anniversary and I plan on pushing it harder than ever until then.

Have an Uh-MAZING day lovelies! It's almost Friday and then we're home freeeeee!!!



Alicia said...

I honestly call Jill "monkey" cause even the way she climbs up onto the machine she looks like one! Who do you think will win this year? who are your favs?

californiadreamin said...

I have no idea who will win! I actually sorta think the grey team will win just because they have some crazy weight to lose and some crazy determination! My favorites are the pink and orange team. Daris just breaks my heart! I like the last purple girl there too. As long as green and red don't win, I'll be happy as a clam :)

Kristen Payne said...

I just watched Week 4 (bc as you know I am behind a week over here). I like the purple team. That poor girl(or lucky due to the cals she burned) ran more laps around everyone else during that challenge and she looked like she could have gone forever. She is my hero. Thank you for posting those Nike ads, I love what they say too. Garrett saw me reading this and was like "Are you looking at a butt" LOL. Then he sat down and saw them again and said "whoa..." Yep he is a butt man... good thing I have one!