Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My day of rest

So workout today was a dud lady and gents. My body was obviously telling me that Thursday was not soon enough for a 'rest' day and it had to happen ASAP! I was just so tired that I snoozed for another hour.

I'm actually having a hard time with it. This usually happens when I get on a roll with workouts. It's stupid, but I feel like if I don't do SOMETHING that I'm going to all of a sudden, balloon up and lose all my definition in the matter of 24 hours. No kidding, I looked myself in the mirror and said "Karli, it's ooookay, calm down. It's OKAY to rest. Your body needs it to change". So yeah, there ya go- today's my rest day-muy bueno.

It's brilliant of me to take today off though because I was looking at my workout schedule and I'm scheduled to run 3.5 miles and pump up those legs with weights tomorrow. I am going to need mucho rest, because I plan on running the whooooole entire 3.5 miles! Oh and PS- my workout from Oxygen magazine is working! I can see definition EVERYWHERE! I kid you not- my back, my arms, my chest, my abs, my legs (hamstrings especially) are getting better looking as the workouts go on and I would most def recommend picking up your copy today! Oh and another important thing to do when you are working out and creating goals for yourself is REWARDS! (MAMA LIKEY!)
I decided the best way to reward myself is to go straight to the fridge.....
*Insert cricket chirps here*. I kid, I kid- CLOTHES! Express is/was having a killa' sale and since my new job is casual (think jeans, flats, cutsie stops with cutsie jewelery), I needed to get me some more clothes. I ordered them last week and yesterday they came and they look great! Not to sound conceited, but I'm really liking how my arms look in these tops! I have definition that shows I'm a lifter (boo-ya!)I wish I could post pics of them, but thanks to women everywhere stimulating our economy, they don't have anymore of the tops I got on their website, but I'll try and take some pics of me in my tops tonight.

Have a lovely hump day lovelies!



Tricia said...

Clothes are a great reward!