Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Madness

Well my workout this morning consisted of......arm reaches to the alarm clock to hit snooze...A LOT! I'm exhausted! Now before you get allll judgemental on me, I have to tell you, I was in a food/skinny girl margarita induced coma. I ate waaaaay too much yesterday. I can't even tell you how much I ate, because after the 2nd margarita, I sorta just spaced out and ate the stuff just so I could munch. I only had 3 (skinny girl) margaritas, so I can't be too hard on myself, but lets just say that it's a good thing I worked out so hard on Saturday. So I'm not feeling up to par this morning, BUT I am hoping that by the time I leave work today, I'll feel mucho better so I can go to X Bike- I feel guilty after eating all that food to use today as a 'rest' day, when really, I don't need to rest today since Sunday's are my rest day. So we will see- my stomach still isn't feeling too happy.

Moving on to more positive things- this week is going to be AWESOME! I know this week is going to be super busy at work for me. I have a ton of filing to do today. Friday was a lot of pulling different documents and scanning and copying them for people, so now I have to put the originals back in their folders. Can we say, it's a wear flats sorta day? I have never really been a fan of flats either since I used to think my legs looked stumpy without some sort of lift. I have to confess too that going to work at a place that let's you wear jeans, cute/dressy top, and flats is WAY better than the business casual black dress pants, heels and a dressy top. My feet feel a lot better now that I'm not wearing heels all day (Hello Captain Obvious Karli).

For once, I am really excited it's a Monday. There is something about starting a new week, that gives people hope to doing better or restarting their goals. Today, it's about giving all I can in the gym. This next Sunday is my anniversary AND it's a long weekend, so I want to look super dooper fit! And since I did enough carb munching last night, my plan (that has worked for me before), is: #1- stick to my workouts and lift as heavy as I can go for 3 sets of 10 reps (that last set really helps when it comes to results-just a little tip-a-roo), eat CLEAN CLEAN this whole week including dinner! I will also be cutting out carbs in the evening when I get home unless they are in veggie/fruit form. So there you have it folks- the plizan!

Have a GREAT and PRODUCTIVE Monday you guys!



erin said...

Haha, this first line made me smile. So cute! And I just realized you're a receptionist; me too! I work in a law firm, and so I meet all kinds of crazy people. LOL

californiadreamin said...

Oh how funny that your a receptionist too! Yeah I bet working in a law office you meet a lot of different kinds of people :) I really enjoy being a receptionist, even tho I complain about it sometimes :D

Iva said...

Monday, MONDAY!! ACK! lol they are always iffy!!;)