Friday, April 23, 2010

& the countdown begins...

So it's Friday and the infamous countdown begins until we can all peel outta our work parking lots :) My work days start at 7AM, so I only have 5 more working hours left, mua ha ha!

I ain't got much to say other than HAPPY FRIDAY, and since it's more appealing to the eye to see pictures, I am looking forward to a lot of this on my weekend:



Keri said...

Happy Friday :) Have a nice weekend!

Katie said...

Hi Karli, your blog is super cute!
I did jillian michaels tone your arm workout monday afternoon and my arms are still killing me!!
&&& don't go tanning I had precancerous cells removed twice!!
ps- new follower :)

californiadreamin said...

Katie - Thanks for following :) I also follow your blog and it's really cute! Isn't Jillian the best when working out?! I never walk away w/out sweat everywhere lol.

Yeah, I had quit tanning in the beds a little while ago and I was thinking about going again to get a base tan, but I am worried about cancer stuff too much I think :)