Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drum roll please

So this weekend I've done pretty good workout wise and eating wise. I also took away a tip from one of Jillian's "trainer tips" on The Biggest Loser. I'm not sure if it was this week's episode or last week, BUUUUT, she said with eating, to do this: buckle down really hard on eating for 3 days a week, then loosen up for 2 days, then for 1 day be moderate, and the last day, treat yourself (this does NOT mean a junk DAY...a junk MEAL okay). So, I'm going to stick to that philosophy for a bit. Also, my X Bike class routine for Monday's start this week. Last week, I didn't only because I was still crazy sore from the 10K on Sunday. So eating, it'll be mainly focused on protein. Oh and I bought these goodies from Target. I LOVE Luna bars and these one have protein, so I'm thinking this is a MUCH better option for dessert. It ll be this or a protein shake for dessert ladies and gents.

I got the Cookie Dough and they are DELICIOUS!! They are 180 calories, but with 12 grams of protein. That's what I'm talkin about Willis! *NOTE: CLIF BAR & COMPANY, DID NOT SEND ME PRODUCTS TO REVIEW, THIS WAS BASED ON MY OWN CURIOSITY ON HOW THEY TASTE*

This weekend, I've been really good to, spending my mornings with this little gem

with the hopes of looking like this

You gotta admit, Jillian knows how to push you, and look at HER! I trust the girl to make me presentable in this come summer. Yes, I switched bikini's, and this is the one I am getting:

Same color and is my signature color

Also, Nick and I are most likely going to Mexico with my parents to their condo in November, and I plan in being in it 90% of the time.



Ashley Stone said...

I LOVE her 30 day shred!! Me and my hubby have been doing it for almost a year now. He's lost 35 lbs! It's really helped tone me up too!

californiadreamin said...

WoAH! Congrats to him on the 35lbs, that's awesome!!!

BradandBrittney said...

Help me!!! I REALLY need to get in shape! You look so great. I have no self control though....problem.

californiadreamin said...

hehe, what would you like help with Ms. Brittney - I think you look uh-mazing, but everyone is their own worst critic ;)