Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Buenos Dias mi amors! I hope you all go out and hug or plant a tree, cause today is Earth Day! I plan on celebrating it by MAKING the green, instead of planting it.

So yesterday was a dud with workouts - I didn't go to the gym OR do Xbike OR do the Shred. But I'm okay with this, because my hip/leg area and sometimes my right knee have been giving me grief ever since my 10K on the 11th. I ran 3.3 miles on Tuesday at the gym, and it was a good thing I stopped cause it was really starting to hurt. Tonight, when I get home, I plan on doing a bunch of ab work. Ab work is something I find is easy to do anywhere can every little bit helps. All you need is the floor or a balance ball...and I have both, so I'm good to go :)

While I would love to frequent the gym, tonight starts the NFL Draft and certain people in MY household (hint: it's not Daisy), are SO looking forward to it and they need my support in watching regular football boys, become part of legendary teams :) Last night, we picked up a pizza at papa murphy's: half bacon and sausage for Nick, half spinach, tomato and artichoke hearts, with light on the cheese for me.

Does anyone else feel like this week went by fast? I mean, work this week has been a whirlwind, with a bunch of the engineers and bosses flying out of town, flights getting messed up, etc., but it's already Thursday! I'm not complaining one bit that the weekend is almost here, but time sure does fly. I mean, I'm already completing my 4th week here are the new job!

Since some of you have emailed me regarding Nick's possible new job position: we have NOT heard anything yet, but are anticipating we hear something by next week. They like to take their time, which is fine, cause my hubby is a rockstar, and I know they see that :)