Friday, April 30, 2010

It's back!

The weekend is soon to be upon us ladies and gents and it's shaping out to be a gorgeous one:

And did you check out the weather for the following week? No more of this "Gorgeous weekend, this crappy weather" trend Sacramento has been having (knock on wood).

Workouts have been going well and eating has been pretty good too. I went into the gym after work on Wednesday, full prepared to do my 30 minute Xbike class, when what do I hear over the loud speaker? "Level 2 (45 minutes!!!) XBike class will be starting in 5 minutes". Ummmmmmm, yeaaaah, about NOT happening. I mean, I know I could do 45 minutes, but I don't WANT to do 45 minutes. 30 minutes is plenty for this girl, thanks very much. I was determined to workout Wednesday, so I wasn't about to leave. The thing was though, I didn't have my headphones to listen to music while I did cardio. If your like me, cardio without music is like macaroni without cheese - you just know, something is missing and you won't be feelin it. BUT, like I said, I was determined. So I set that speed to a steady warm up pace of 5.7 mph until I was loosened up, and it was to 6.0. Thank GOD Judge Judy was on, or else those 3 miles would have draaaagged. I was so proud when I got off Tread. There were so many times I wanted to stop, just outta boredom and the fact I was over listing to mine and everyone elses' feet hit that rubber track. Oh and it didn't stop there - I took full advantage of my gym time by taking myself over to the weights and pumped out a full leg/lower back session - BOO YA!

Yesterday Nick and I went for a SHORT SHORT run/ride. I'd say it was 1 mile, maybe 1.5 miles, but it was still really nice to get out in the gorgeous weather and be active.

Today I'm resting, but still went on my walk with the ladies from work on our lunch. It's seriously GORGEOUS outside - 77 and breezy with pure sunshine. There is something to be said for getting that blood pumping on that 1 hour break. I come back to my desk with way more energy and drive to actually DO my work :)

Have a GREAT rest of your Friday lovelies :)