Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marshall to Dolphins - C YA!


So the Denver Broncos have traded Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for 2 second round picks in the draft, WOO HOO!!! Marshall has been stirring things up in Denver for a bit now (throwing baby tantrums and such), and has openly expressed his desire to get outta Denver. Nick couldn't be happier with the trade since we got such a great deal outta it.

Personally, I am happy if Nick is happy, cause the guy knows his football. Any major NFL affiliated people who read my blog: ENLIST HIM -he's quite a catch ;) With that said, Brandon Marshall DID witness his bff and Bronco teammate, Darrent Williams death, and I'm sure that was hard on him mentally, which may have caused his new "miss priss" attitude and his bitching and moaning about every little thing, and getting into fights and such.

I know I'm not the only girl who loves football, so who's YOUR team?



nenababy512 said...

haha well i am defff a football girl!!! and guess what??? im a dolfan babay!!! haha so we are getting the princess!! im hoping the change of scenery is what he needs to start playing football like a real man!

californiadreamin said...