Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh how I missed you Jillian

Yesterday felt great! Nick texted me on his way home and told me he was just not wanting to go to the gym after 6 (the time he is getting home this week), so I decided to do my own little workout in my living room. It was seriously, a major struggle to do the whole thing, but I did it and I can definitly feel it in my upper body this morning. I never include pushups in my regular upper body routine, so when I do them, I feel em' baby!

Since Nick won't want to go to the gym after work today either, I am heading there after work with the rest of the world who gets off at that time. I am dreading it just cause I know it's gonna be so crowded, but Im excited because today Im focusing on lower body. Like I said yesterday, Saturday will be my lower body day, but I'm doubling it up this week (GO ME!). Oh and I forgot to include in my weekly workout schedule, that I've been walking roughly 3.4 miles with the girls at work on our lunch break. It's amazing! I missed how at my last job in NC, I could do that due to the convenince of the park being right next to it. My guess is it's about a 200 calorie burn :)

It has come to my attention, that on top of losing my tan slowly but surely (buying 20 tans on Saturday!!!), I am noticing my lower abdomen flabbing it up, which is a no go. My eating has been really clean lately (haven't had Taco Bell in a week or so). I think it's time to.....cut my coffee intake, EEEK! I didn't drink coffee in the AM's until I moved back to CA. I was a green tea girl to the fullest. Im sure the coffee, ontop of my Fat Free Vanilla Creamer is the culprit. So, my plan of attack is: 2-3 cups in the morning, THATS IT! Then in the morning when I get to work, it's green tea. Not only does green tea have great antioxidants, but it's also been linked to flatten that tummy (*NOTE- YOU CANNOT EAT MCDONALDS AND DRINK GREEN TEA AND MAGICALLY GET A 6 PACK..A 6 PACK OF FRIES IS ALL YOU'Ll GET). I am on day 1 of my plan of attack as I type :) I have missed green tea.... :)

So remember how I told you all about Nick's job interview? Well, we are SOOOO close to finding out if he got it or not. A pretty high up guy came up to him yesterday after work and congratulated him on getting the position even! Nick told the guy he hadn't heard he was offered the job, and I guess the guy looked kinda confused and gave Nick the look like "you didn't hear it from me" HAHA. I know we'll hear something after today, so be ready for a celebratory post :D

Well folks, it's Wednesday aka hump day, aka another day, another dollar. Can't wait until 4pm, and then it's go time!