Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where did the sunshine go?

What the heck Sacramento? We are being hit with a crazy Spring storm. I LOVE me some rain and dark stormy days, but after the taste of Spring this weekend, I could do without the rain until Fall (my FAVORITE season) hits. So no lunch time walk for me and the girls at work, boo! So chances are, this day is gonna feel like it drags since I won't be going outside until I leave at 4pm.

Nick and I have a gym date today and it's an upper body with a 3 mile run sorta day. Yesterday, I didn't go to Xbike (BOO ME!), buuuuut I DID Shred with Jill. Im doing really good and Im already seriously noticing a difference in my upper body. Especially shoulder cap area. It's all those push ups I swear. But today, it's upper body and abs/back. So it's gonna be a busy one today at the gym (aka, the other office)and one that I hope to walk away from, unable to lift my arms up. So back to me not going to XBIKE: as much as I enjoy the calorie burn and the detoxing workout, I just don't think I'm gonna make the 6:30 class. I would get home around 7:15ish, and that's hardly enough time to eat and spend time with my honey. HOWEVER, while I am writing this, I looked up my gym's website to see their classes and they have ADDED a level 1 Xbike class (level 2 is 45 minutes instead of 30, and that is just WAY too much sweating for me haha) on Wednesdays! This is PERFECT- I didn't want to disrupt mine and Nick's gym time together on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, so Wednesday will be perfect and it's at 4:45, which gives me plenty of time to get there after work and warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes or so! This is better news than Oprah FINALLY commenting on all these allegations in the tell all book!

So this week's workout schedule will look like this:

Monday: Shred
Tuesday: Upper body/abs/lower back + 3 mile run
Wednesday: Roughly 10 minute warm up on treadmill + 30 minute XBIKE
Thursday: Lower body/abs + 3 mile run
Friday: Shred
Saturday: Shred + and/or upper body at gym
Sunday: Run/ride with Nick

I'm sure there will be some Wednesday's where I don't want to go to the gym after work, and those will be my rest days.

Onto more fabulous and pretty things, tell me these aren't GORGEOUS! On my wish list for sure (just throwin it out there Nicky boy)- Their from Disney Couture: