Friday, April 16, 2010

It's finally Friday- WOO HOO!

Ah yes, there is nothing better than the clock hitting 4pm, and knowing you don't have to come back to work for 2 days, plus the time on Friday evening. I got a relaxing weekend consisting of: a pottery class with my mom, sister, niecey poo, gma, and aunt, grocery shopping (o, joy), Shred with Jill, gym and run/ride with Nicky poo. It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend too! Sunny and in the mid to upper 70's.

Since it's going to be a gorgeous weekend, I couldn't be happier that N-dawg, has one of the 2 days off. I have been itching to get our happy married butts over to Home Depot. Nick's mom sent him a gift card and I am eyeing a few things for our patio:

I want these x 2. And I'm thinking gorgeous flowers in them both. For some reason, these hanging planters, have always reminded of Sesame Street, haha! Maybe it's cause it's something you'd see on my favorite show (when I was 3...or 23).

I think these would spruce up the patio and add some color, cause at the moment, our chairs are a brown stitching sorta deal, with black iron legs and arms.

Not necessarily this Home Depot trip, but I want to get a larger pot for the patio and I want to fill it with a bunch of herbs. Maybe something like this

I am also wanting to head over to Target to get fun accessories not green thumb related and get some hanging lights so when Nick and I sit out there with our margaritas in the summer, we can see each other (and our drinks). Something like this:

This week ends the mark of my 3rd week at my new job. Not only that, but today (thank you direct deposit), I got my 1st paycheck. Me likey :)