Friday, April 2, 2010

stuff and stuff

G'morning lovelies! How was your April Fools day yesterday? Nick and I have always played little pranks on each other, but for some reason April Fools totally and completely slipped our minds!

So who's ready for today...AKA FRIDAY!! I am so happy that it's Friday and the weekend is soon to be upon us! My first week of the new job is coming to a close, and I can tell this job is going to be a good one. The first 2 days and even part of the 3rd, were SO slow, I wanted to scratch my eyes out. I can't complain, cause it's money in the bank, and pretty darn good money. I have such an urge to go shopping too. I want to go to Forever 21 so bad, I haven't been there in ages and everything in my closet bores me and I know some of you girls can relate. The beauty of my job too is, it's similar to my last job with office attire. Black slacks and a nice top and flats or heels are good. But dark wash jeans with a nice top and dressing it up with jewelry is quite alright too. I think that concept is best when it comes to work attire, because you get to express yourself and you actually get to wear your "weekend" clothes during the week. BRILLIANT!

So let's switch gears for a second - all you ladies out there know how every story starts..."Once Upon A Time..."

Which makes me think of poor Sandra Bullock. If your like me, your an avid celebgossipaholic, and my jaw literally drops every time I hear about another story. First Tiger, then Jesse, and even Reggie Bush was accused of cheating on gorgeous Kim K. These poor girls and those disgusting guys. Here's a tip boys: KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! YOU ARE MAKING EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD BECOME MORE AND MORE TURNED OFF BY MEN. NOT TO MENTION UNTRUSTWORTHY! SO UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE IT....DON'T ABUSE IT! And REALLY Jesse?! This chick? C'mon!

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!