Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"C'mon Bambi, you can do it!"

Happy Hump day!! Thank the good Lord above, because I am READY for this weekend. After seeing what this weekend is looking like weather wise....WHEW! I'm ready for it to get here. It can rain all it wants during the week (my flowers will love it!), but bring the sunshine on for the weekend. I have lost probably 10-15lbs. since last summer, and it has seriously made a difference on how I look at the hottest season. I am actually for the 1st time going to attempt shorts! Short jean cutoffs are in season this year, and I am actually confident in my legs that I can rock em'. Once Nick gets this new job (he will, I'm confident!), I'm going on a little shopping trip to get some new clothes. I will be putting some SERIOUS money into those Forever 21 cash registers....maybe Victoria's Secret too.....and maybe Arden B....possibly H&M...possibly Marshalls.....

*Le Sigh...*

Last night Nicky boy and I went to the gym and he didn't wanna I can totally understand cause to be honest, when I get home from work, I just want to lay on the bed and not move. BUT, things must get done, such as getting bodies ready to be scantily clad in bikini's (shorts for him, duh!), for Mexico AND the Summer. Cause there are ALWAYS those BBQ's at friends houses or family get togethers, where there is a pool involved. And this Summer, I plan on soaking up some sun in : Tahoe, The Diego (aka San Diego), and I'd love to go to Santa Cruz. This girl has high hopes :) So anywhooo, Nick really didn't want to go, but guess what? After working that boy out, he was a new man! *insert harps and angels here* He even said he thinks he coulda worked out harder than he did. I can see a change in my man :) I was so proud of him! And remember how I told you all that I found that XBIKE class for Wednesdays (TODAY!!)? WElllll since the beloved NFL Draft starts tomorrow, Nick wants to go to the gym tonight, so I think this Wednesday, it'll be a workout (lower body + 3 miler run). WOO HOO!

Talk to you later lovely readers. I hope your Hump day starts off GREAT! (maybe with a hump, hahaha!)



Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Nice work lady! Do you still use your heart rate monitor? I'm dying to get one I want to see how many calories I burn at 24 hour's spin class.

californiadreamin said...

Yeah! I've worn it a couple times and the most I burned was 534 calories. In 30 minutes, CRAZY!!