Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and trims

Happy Easter all you gorgeous, lovely readers! I am still sitting here in my cozy bed reading all the blogs I follow. It's a huge guilty pleasure for me - stalking people, HAHA, just kidding ;)....kinda.

Yesterday was SO amazing, let me tell you! Remember how I told you all how I wanted to go to Forever 21 like no other? Well since hubby and I have 'allowances' for each month, I gave into my shopping bone. I brought Bestie Bon Bon with me and we had so much fun. This F21 we went to was 2 friggin stories!! I have never seen one that big. We spent 2 hours in there looking at every single rack. It was SO hard to pick favorites, since they had so many cute things. Now don't be jealous, BUUUUT, after I told Nick about me being bored of my closet and the pieces in it, he said that if he gets this job.....HE IS GOING TO LET ME GO SHOPPING W/OUT A LIMIT! MUA HAHAHAHAHA!! I squeeled like a teenagers tires ripping outta the high school parking lot. Now, this doesn't mean Nick is saying go spend $1000 or anything (but Lord knows, I could EASILY!). It'll be about $200, but I plan on spending that in Forever 21 and Pink! Pink is Victoria Secrets seperate store for their 'Pink' line. Yeah, you read that right - I never knew they had their own seperate store. I LOVE the pink line and a lot of my workout clothes come from there. I know I can get a bunch of stuff from F21 in that budget too cause their prices are amazing! It was so hard to narrow some stuff down yesterday, but thank God Bestie Bon Bon was there to help me. Here are my finds (UNDER $40 thank you very much)

Not only did the shopping go well yesterday, I got a trim! I haven't had a trim in a year! Crazy, right? Much healthier now :)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday ladies and gents - this girl is off to church :)