Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday is NOT a fun day

Oh I wish your name was Friday. So this weekend was very lovely. The weather, couldn't have been more perfect. Saturday was a sunny 77 degrees with clear skies and Sunday was an even better 82 degrees with clear skies.

Perfect conditions for a nice long outside run, but since I'm a scardy cat that a crazy murderer will jump outta bushes and kill me, I chose to Shred instead.

Saturday I went to the pottery class I told you all about on Friday with my mom, sister, and niecey poo. My sister was recovering from her knee surgery she had on Friday, and I guarantee her bowl she made, is going to be worth money. The girl is an artist. My mom also chose a bowl to paint and it's nothing short of cute. Being that she feels her heart and soul are in Mexico (on the beach, drinking margaritas), she opted for a beach theme with her painting. The Bunny Boo did a GREAT job with her bowl she picked out, doing a lemon theme, and it's going to be SO cute! To express my creativity, I chose a giant "can hold a hold pot of coffee + creamer" coffee cup to paint. I will keep it a secret as to what I painted on my cup, until it arrives :)

So I went to Home Depot on Sunday, and all of my fans, I mean fellow Sacromentians (what DO you call people from Sacramento?), were there as well. It.was.PACKED! Especially where I was: the garden department. Kids riding on flat bed carts throwing tantrums (and fertilizer), men making smart remarks on how their wives can't pick a line to check out in, and me. It was GREAT! I took the flowers and my soil, and flower boxes to my parents house and planted my heart out! I have never had a "Green Thumb", so we shall see. I'm not promising Emerald City, people, but we shall see.

I'll be sure to upload some pics once the seeds I planted start sprouting. Oh and I decided to go to with a more neutral chair cushion for our 2 chairs. It's like a golden tan, but the one I originally wanted, was too orange, and I didn't think Nick would like them. Here a a few of the flowers I got:

Not bad, eh? I promise to take some pics of the improved patio (still improving), when the white little carpet flowers start to bloom. So in about, 3 weeks, I'll post some pics :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend & you got some sunshine :)