Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okay ladies and gents


So this must be said and it's been on my mind the last few days .... I really need to kick it into high gear. It's almost my time of the month, so I know it has to do with how I've been feeling, but I honestly feel like the biggest blimp in the world. I am shocked that Weight Watchers hasn't asked me to be their new spokeswoman (Jennifer Hudson looks GORGEOUS btw). You can read an article about how she's doin her thing for WW, here.

Anyways, I can't say I've fallen off the wagon, because I've been walking every day for 3 miles during my lunch with the girls from my work, and Nick and I went to the gym yesterday and I did 3 miles on Tread, and my eating hasn't been thaaaaaaaaaaaat bad. Just kinda bad. Not bad stuff, just too much of the good stuff (and sour skittles). I think this is why the 10K on Sunday is freaking me out. Because the last time I ran a high mileage, was on Saturday. Another thing I think that is adding to my "Karli, your so fat" mentality is how my much my workouts have cut down. I used to go 5 times a week! Last week, I did horribly and did 3 times and even then I could only do 35 minutes at the gym (barely enough time for me to get in a decent workout). I know I'm being super hard on myself, but it's because I know that I can do better, so I give myself a hard time.

Another thing - I'm losing my tan & this California girl is not happy about! Yeah I've been using the self tanning lotion, but I miss the tanning bed! It gave me such an even tan. I was reminded of this when I got out of the shower tonight and gave myself a quick glance in the mirror, when HELLO! MY BACK HAS BEEN IGNORED IN THE COLOR DEPARTMENT. Yup - I have been neglecting that area (I can't reach it and I don't wanna ask Nick) when I put on my lotion stuff. I actually talked to Nick about this the other night and since we have "allowances" now for ourselves each month, I have decided I am going to buy some tans. Not a unlimited package, just some tans that fit into my budget. I won't go everyday, probably 2-3 times a week and then in the summer I don't plan on using the beds since my apartment has a really nice pool area with plenty of sun chairs, and my parents have a pool. The weekends during the summer, I plan on parking it out by either one of those places with a stack of magazines and a nice big bottle of h20 and my shades. The lotion is a great product though, and I will continue to use it until I buy some tans (probably next weekend).

So yes - that is my downer post, but I really need to kick my butt into high gear. Since my workouts have cut down (due to my job and me wanting to spend more time with Nick since we only see each other after work and in the AM's for 10 minutes), I had decided to only go Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with him. BUT - for my own sanity, I HAVE to include Monday. Yes, I will miss Nick for that 1.5 hours, but I have to sweat more than 3 days a week. So, on top of mine and his workouts together, I will either choose the treadmill or X Bike. To be honest, it'll probably be both due to the state of whale I am in (mentally- I know, Im not a whale). I get off at work at 4:00. Mondays my plan will be: come home, change IMMEDIATELY!, grab a snack (bread with 1 tblspn almond butter), be at the gym by no later than 5:00, do treadmill for 1 hour *or split time between treadmill and abs/back strength training*, then elliptical for some other workout until 6:30. When 6:30 hits- XBIKE! I hate it from the time I walk in, until 2 minutes before the instructor says its time to cool down. It's a killer workout, that gives amazing results! And THAT will be my Monday. It's all about the sweat baby...if you don't sweat, you ain't workin it!

Oh and let's not forget the motivation - if I expect myself to be tanning by the pools (and I'm sure at some point this summer a trip to So. Cal will be in order), I will be running around in this: *Different color tho*



BesameMucho said...

Now girl... when you are my age, you will be wishing you looked at least close to what you look like now...!!!! So, don't be too hard on yourself, and when you're down, pick yourself back up, dust off, and get to motivating and cheering us all up again out here in 'the real world'. We love you no matter what, so isn't that what is really important here now?
hugs! kisses!