Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to the Basics

Happy Tuesday you guys! I am in a fabulous mood this morning. It's so chilly this morning & I am seriously considering listening to my Pandora Christmas channel this morning at my desk. I keep seeing all of these Christmas commercials (I even heard that Kay jewelers is already starting to run their holiday ads!)and I heard Jewels Christmas album playing next to the candles in Walmart the other day!

So let's discuss something that was the original reason for my blog creation in the first place: health and weight loss. On the way to work today I heard on the radio that a professor at some college proved his point that no matter what you eat, it's all about the calories. He lived on a diet of convient food store sorta food like nutter butters, Doritos, Twinkies and kit kats, etc. He lost about 30lb's in 2 months just counting the calories on the junk he ate. He went on to say that the other nutritional information doesn't play a part in your weight loss. Okay, so I lost about 35lbs counting calories using sparkpeople.com and think calorie counting is absolutely hands down the #1 reason why I lost my weight, so kudos to this guy for proving that point. I think when you write down your calories and your food for the day, you actually SEE what your eating & you become aware that yes, that "little snack" of a slice of a pizza, really isn't equal to a snack in calorie terms, but a meal. With that being said, let's talk health benefits. I guarantee you this guy had pretty much zero protein, had more than enough carbohydrates, and more than enough fat grams to last him for a long time. Not only that, but there are tons and tons of grams of sugar (and other processed junk) in the food he was consuming can not only lead to weakness and fatigue, but it can also lead to diabetes.
Obviously I know this guy was just doing an experiment and trying to prove his little point in regards to calorie counting, BUT I think there are some people out there who actually take this stuff to heart and think "so I CAN eat all the crap I want as long as it's not over 1200 calories". WRONG!! Your body NEEDS certain foods to keep it healthy and strong. I heard on Jillian Michaels podcast one day that "Abs are made in the kitchen". So true! People seem to think that if they just eat 1200 calories of cake and cookies that they will get that figure they want. WRONG. Your body needs certain nutrients, such as protein, that is going to fuel it better than any king size kit kat can, and keep your organs running in their proper functioning manner. Do I think if your trying to lose weight, you can't have that kit kat every once in a while? NO! This is your life and if your wanting a kit kat, have one. Just make sure you work it into your day by balancing the rest of your foods and allotting yourself some extra calories. Before pregnancy, I know I couldn't live without my dessert every night and I worked it into my calories for the day. It's a very practical way to lose weight. Eating 1200 calories in Twinkies? Not so much



Kristen said...

What a great post, so true!

Marian said...

Love the post. I just need to find the right recipe for those abs;)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I use myfitnesspal.com for my counting calories and I did loose most of my weight when I watched exactly what I ate. I just started it back up and already lost 2 lbs.

Kristen Payne said...

I love this post and will be sharing it today!