Monday, November 22, 2010

Its beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas...

Well my friends, it's Monday and a short week at that! So really, today is like a Wednesday and that is something I can get down and jiggy with. The weather this weekend was amazingly winter like and I loved it! Just above my parents house, people were getting snow. The rest of the week is said to be in the low 50's during the day with low 30's at night, possible showers. Mama like, mama like a LOT! Perfect cozy fire in sweats weather.
This weekend the mister and I house sat for my parents while they were in Mexico (where it's not winter like) and it made me appreciate the fact that I will never own cats again. Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE cats and actually had 2 little bundles of fur when we lived in North Carolina. As much as I loved these 2 knuckleheads, they were little demons in sheep's (or cats) clothing! We couldn't keep blankets on the couch, because they pee'd on them, or they'd pee or throw up in Daisy Mae's bed, or they'd leave track of cat litter kernels all over the bathroom floor. This is not a welcoming feeling when you get out of a nice clean shower, to just step on grains of cat litter, blah! My parents have about 6 or 7 cats. 2 of them are my sisters (her and the Bunny boo live with them for the time being), 1 being one I first got when Nick and I got married, then my DAD fell in love with so I gave to him, and the others are from when I was a teenager or younger. 1 of them in particular is senile! I'm not kidding. She will eat some cat food for dinner, walk out of the kitchen then come back and acts as though she hasn't eaten yet. Oh and if YOU are in the kitchen for any reason: getting water, cooking yourself some grub, picking a wedgie, etc., she will meow and meow and meow until you go mad! Even if you put them all outside, your still ambushed - meow, meow meow meow meow meow is all you will hear until their faces are eating Friskies.
Today I am giving my employer my Maternity leave letter. EEEK! I don't know why, but I always get SUPER nervous prior to something that is out of the normal. Whether going to the doctor (I go so much now, this doesn't happen anymore), going to the dentist (who can blame me?), telling my employer I'll be going on leave (even though it's obvious I am going to..hello baby bump!), or even riding a roller coaster! I guess the part that has me nervous is I am going to confirm and iron out the details of me working from home p/t while on leave and I guess since I've only had a couple verbal confirmations on this, it makes me nervous that my office manager COULD back out. Do I think he will? No, but you just never know. BLAH! I will be a much calmer blogger around 9am when I know the conversation will have already happened.

Have a wonderful Monday (kinda like a Wednesday) ladies!! It's almost Thanksgiving!!!



Marian said...

Good luck with your maternity leave discussion!! I'm sure everything will be fine:)

And I'm a huge fan of 3-day work weeks. Wish they all could be like this

Kelly said...

I'm a new follower! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm from NC so I was just wondering what had made you move from California to here? Not that I don't love being a Carolina girl but it isn't the most exotic or exciting place.

Annie said...

I hope the maternity leave discussion went well hun! how much time will you be taking off?

hope you have a great short week and a wonderful thanksgiving!!