Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Expectations

Happy Last day of November :) So last night the hubbinator and I went to our 1st "Great Expectations" class (aka Lamaze). When we first got there, we got to watch a Billy Cosby stand up of him explaining childbirth. 1 word: HILARIOUS! I told Nick we have to rent that because I was crying from how hard I was laughing. This has been something I've experience throughout this whole pregnancy. I take something that in truth IS funny, but my emotions cannot contain themselves and I start to cry and can't stop! Total, there were about 26 people or so including the partners, so I tried to keep my hysterics to a dull roar. When the class actually started we all had to do the classic "icebreaker" and go around the room and introduce ourselves, our due dates, our hobbies, and how pregnancy has been treating us. Even the dad's had to play along (mine was uh-mazing, duh!) so it was a lot of fun. My due date is the soonest out of all the girls, but I was figuring that'd be the case since we are taking the class later in our pregnancy. Everyone else is due around beginning of March/end of February time frame.
Since it was the 1st class, we were all introduced to some charts and shown what the female anatomy looked like before (How could I forget?!) pregnancy and what it looks like now (hello uterus that has blown up 3x from what it was). So it was all the basics with this 1st class. At the end we had to get on the floor (the guys too) and do pelvic tilt exercises (which MY husband referred to as humping), and squats. Then we were all told about a very important exercise: Kegals. Of course, she didn't make us demonstrate them. The best part of the night? During our break, we got candy!!! Chocolate candy :) All the women were happy with this. I really wanted to sneak another handful on my way out the door, but I was way too tired to care. Next Monday, it's breathing techniques and more on the floor exercises.
I think it's gonna be a fun experience. Sadly, Nicky poo and I won't be able to finish the class out since it ends the week after Troy is due and I'm really confident that I won't miss things I already don't know thanks to all my friends who've had babies and I've picked their brains for hours on ends.