Friday, November 12, 2010

31 weeks & why the heck didn't I grab a S'bucks!?

{oh how I wished I had stopped and gotten you--the coffee and scarf haha}

HAPPY FRIDAY!! I cannot stress this enough. I am SO ready for this weekend. I have 2 Victoria Secret coupons for free panties they need to be used, I am running to my favorite getaway, Target, to grab this lamp

to match the big lamp we have for Troy's room

Then of course I'm getting my heeer did. My roots are showing and it's no bueno. I want to walk away with hair color like the gorgeous Ms. Carrie Underwood

{It should be a crime to look this gorgeous - SERIOUSLY}

Then it's off to get a few snap shots of the belly and a good shot of the mister and I for our Christmas cards! The rest of the weekend is open because my Bestie since I was 4 years old is in town and I wanna make sure I have open time for her.
So 31 weeks today folks! This party train is just move right along isn't it? Every week I am shocked at how far along I am. I am reading other blogs I follow and their about to deliver or have delivered and it brings those anxious butterflies you get right before your about to get on a roller coaster. So let's get down to the niggty gritty shall we?

How far along? 31 weeks, which means 6 more till I'm full term which also means 6 weeks till Christmas Eve -- I have so much shopping to do, EEEK!

Baby's size? This past week the doctor said her best guess by feeling and measuring is the T man weighs about 3.5-4lbs already. Yowza!

Weight Gain? 22.5lbs. To my surprise, I actually lost a pound last appointment. I was concerned about this as I HAVE NOT been starving myself (I hate women who do that, it's the most selfish thing), and she said since I "gained so much weight last time" (she had to bring that up!), that losing 1 lb is totally fine.

Stretch marks? No and I keep hydrating. Trust me, I will throw a fit for all to hear and see if I see one pop up on my belly. I have a couple on my hips from losing weight/gaining weight when I was younger, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Belly button in or out? It's coming out to play haha! I give it to my baby shower to be a total outie. I have a deep innie normally, so it's actually really fun and cool to see.

Sleep? Again, this does not apply as I do not know what sleep is. My body is shocking the heck outta me though - I am a 'have to have 8 hours of sleep' kinda girl, but for about a month or so now, I am fine with 5-6 hours. Sure I'm tired as heck at first, but after about 5 minutes, I'm wide awake

Foods I am loving? This past week I had more of a sweet craving than normal. After my breakfast, I was ready for the rest of the day to be all sweets. I'm talking butterfingers, my dark chocolate Reese's pb cups, and snickers. I could live off of those. Oh and sparkling apple cider

Foods I am hating? This week I noticed I can't eat a lot of chicken. I didn't like it in the beginning of pregnancy, but now I can handle it, just not that much.

Best moment this week? The stork tour (aka the labor and delivery tour!). Even though it made me so nervous and made everything 'real' and not just playing house, I loved it.

Movement? Constant. I love it! He rolls and tumbles all day long. I wanna know what he's doing so bad! I wish I got more ultrasounds in my pregnancy, but I only get 2 and I've had them already. I'm dying to know what he looks like and what he does all day.

Symptoms? Other than my strong urge to murder a bag of butterfingers when I was in CVS the other day? Some back pain and that's about it

Gender? Still my little man

What I miss? RUNNING!

What I will miss? Feeling him move. I have created a cozy home for him and I will miss carrying him like a little kangaroo haha

What I'm looking forward to? Baby shower and starting baby classes. Oh and Tgiving and Black Friday, oh and Christmas shopping w/a S'bucks in hand with my sister and mamacita, but those aren't baby related hehe

Weekly Wisdom: Pee before you leave the house or work. Even if you don't have to, do like your mom told you when you were little, and just try. I promise something will come out and more than you thought. As he gets bigger and heavier on your bladder, once you start moving, it's ridiculous how fast you'll have to go

Milestone: Going on the hospital tour

Emotions: NESTING! Oh my gosh, if our place isn't clean and vacuumed, it'll drive me nuts! Especially with all the leaves falling, it's so easy to track some of those colorful babies into the house.



quite contrary said...

glad everything is going so great for you and the pregnancy!

Marian said...

What I would give for a Starbucks right now!!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

my first was born in a hospital..i scheduled my visit around the hospital too late...he was born at 36 weeks and i had never made it to the tour. i had no clue where to go! i remember standing in the elevator leaking (my water broke) and standing there w/a clueless look...some poor chap in the hall pointed at me and said ...'wrong floor....go 2 more up and then a left' haha

so moral...go now to the tour! haha

Kristin said...

Im getting my hair did too, I hate roots! Have fun with your bestie!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ok i already commented but had a comment about running...i don't know how those women run marathons until their 7th month. are they crazy? i can just run down the hall and my bladder gets pounded and i need to go! haha

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you on the peeing thing. I am AMAZED at how tiny my bladder feels these days. I stand up and it's like an instant mad waddle dash to the bathroom. CRAZY! haha