Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and had a piece of delicious pumpkin pie for me. It's a funny story, but I didn't get to enjoy my pumpkin pie - mom forgot to add the sugar to the recipe, HA!! It was actually really funny and please don't think my mom is not the Martha Stewart of baking because she is. That women just has got too much goin on, so she forgot the sugar in our Thanksgiving dessert, haha. Love you mom!
Last night, all us girls made our lists of where we wanted to go, what we wanted to get and had a plan to meet up at my place at 1:30 AM. So that's what happened and let me tell you, I am exhausted. I am going to take a nice nap as soon as I hit "publish post", but I had to post a pic of my bags after I got home. I pretty much just dropped them in front of the door. Oh, and I have all my Christmas decorations up :) Those pics will be posted before Monday, but to be honest my feet are too sore to get my preggo ass of the couch, ha!

Oh and I WISH I could have taken an Aeriel picture from the ceiling of Target. It was crazy! The line to the cash registers, wrapped all the way around the entire store to where you walk in! We were standing in line for about an hour and 15 minutes. I am always curious as to what the heck people could be buying to justify this sort of waiting (I'm not revealing since the things I bought are going to people who read the blog) and there really wasn't anything THAT great. Funny side story, we saw this young couple try to fit 2 42inch flat screens in the back of a mustang- with a hard top! Good.luck.with.that! Oh and we tried to go into Kohls and THAT line was ridiculous! We would have been there fo r4 hours EASY! We were shocked at how many people were there because Kohls has those sorts of deals going all every weekend. So why do you need to buy that flannel sheet set NOW? Just sayin, it's gonna be 40% off next weekend too.

Troy treated his mama so good today - other than my back hurting a little bit, he was just content and stretching about in my belly as I walked around & wasn't pushing on my bladder like he normally does- thank you little T, mama loves you! So let's discuss him shall we? I'm 33 weeks today!! 4 more weeks and I"ll be full term (it will also be Christmas Eve)!

How far along? 33 weeks and starting to feel it

Baby's size? The size of a pineapple (sounds so refreshing!)- about 17 inches

Weight Gain? I'm going to copy Ashley's answer over at For the Love of Shoes and a Baby 2, and say I will just tell you all at the end how much I gained total. I don't weigh myself at home, so I can't accurately tell you

Stretch marks? Nope! Let's keep the weeks rollin with none of those suckers

Belly button in or out? Half in half out. It all depends on how he's laying. If he lays directly under it, it pushes out even more!

Sleep? I am feeling exhausted lately, but I'm sleeping so good this past week

Foods I am loving? I could eat Greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean cereal alllllll day everyday. I was strictly a scrambled egg whites and toast kinda gal in the morning, but now, its the parfait I make

Foods I am hating? Chinese food

Best moment this week? Getting to spend time and share laughs with family on Thanksgiving. And the shopping afterwards :)

Movement? LOTS of stretching and every now and again, he'll jerk about really fast

Symptoms? Lower back pain, hunger, sleepines. Oh and for some reason, my workout on Wednesday was REALLY hard when it came to the cardio. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and walked 30 minutes for a cool down on my one and only boyfriend, Tread. The elliptical owned my ass! What the heck and where the heck did that come from!? My legs felt like rocks and I was dripping buckets!

Gender? a little mister

What I miss? Running and having some adult beverages around the holidays - of course my little man is worth it though.

What I will miss? Feeling him move and rubbing my belly at random moments during the day. Hmmm...I just might continue this?

What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower next weekend! I have my outfit all planned out and everything!

Weekly Wisdom: Sleep and rest when you can. You deserve it and your body is working hard to grow another human life - it's exhausting

Milestone: Buying my first maternity bra!! Picked up my first 3 bras and I managed to find some not so grandma/nursing looking ones.

Emotions: "Oh crap, we're about to have a baby!" Does that work? ;)

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