Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday & 30 weeks!

Happy Friday!!!!!! Look at what I picked up at a certain local coffee store...'s going to be a good day ladies!

I'm loving this song right now

Since I toss and turn a lot of the nights, I was laying in bed last night when I started to think about this song and raising boys in general. My MIL has told me horror stories about my husband when he was younger which freak me out a bit if I'm honest. Do I think some of the things he did can be written off as "that's a boy for you" ? Most def. However, there are some things boys do that make me go, "HUH?". I'm so excited for this little man & I know it's going to be such a crazy wild ride. Everyone has told me boys are a handful. BUT, I also know from seeing friends kids, that little girls are a handful.

Right, onto the 30 week update!
Moi - giving you all the best duck face I can manage

and what it looks like inside

How far along? 30 friggin weeks!! In my opinion, this is the final countdown! Little T will be here in 7-10 weeks, yowza! I have so much to do!!!

Baby's size? According to, he is about 3 lbs and about 15.7 inches long, about the size of a head of cabbage. I believe it cause I look like I'm smuggling a whole head of it in my shirt. Im REALLY curious to know how big he is actually measuring though because there are times in the day that if I lay flat on my back, my belly isn't all that big. Also, at 20.5 weeks he was measuring at 20 weeks.

Weight Gain? 23.5lbs. But I have my OB appointment on Monday, so that number will be changing

Stretch marks? Nada, but there are some very obvious blue veins on my belly as well as on my lovely lady lumps. Sometimes I can't help but take a picture to show Nick cause it looks like a road map sometimes

Belly button in or out? I actually took a picture to share with you all, hehe. So if you don't like belly buttons, look away, but it's half in and half out. By my baby shower (4 weeks!!!), it'll be out I'm sure

Sleep? what's that? I sleep pretty crappy. Especially with the cough I have had this past week. Either my coughs or bladder or Troy's movements wake me up about 3-4 times a night. Once I go on maternity leave, I plan on getting in as many naps as I can.

Foods I am loving? See previous post from last night to see what I'm craving :-) Pizza, my S'bucks, and sweets own my heart and stomach

Foods I am hating? Unfortunately for Nick, I'm hating Chinese food and have hated it since the beginning of pregnancy. Maybe it's a good thing due to all the sodium it has, but I'm curious to see if my hate for it sticks around after pregnancy

Best moment this week? Honestly? Braxton Hicks! haha, I know it sounds weird, but I've been having them more and more lately (of course not in an alarming way). They don't hurt, it's just cool to see my entire uterus and stomach get super hard.

Movement? Yes, but I can tell he's getting cramped for space. He's moved into my rib cage area and the other day I swear he grabbed a rib the little booger! It took my breath away, so I pushed back on them and he let go

Symptoms? Burping throw ups (lovely, no?), braxton hicks, indigestion, constipation and my lower back has been buggin lately. Oh how I will not miss the 3rd trimester hehe. Oh and I notice how full my belly gets after not that much of food...what the heck?! There will be times where I want to eat more, but noooooooo cause I feel as though a pin needle could pop my belly

Gender? All boy

What I miss? with the holidays coming up, it makes me miss mimosas and having a glass of wine even more! It's the whole "want what you can't have" complex I think. I'd give it all up for a healthy baby. I definitely miss running though

What I'm looking forward to? So much! Meeting with his possible pediatrician on Monday, Maternity suite tour on the 10th, Thanksgiving, starting our baby ready classes, and my baby shower in 4 weeks! Oh and Christmas and getting Christmas decor up!

Weekly Wisdom: Get in as much alone time as you can. Sit by yourself and just zone out with your Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (is that just me?) or go on a date with your man. As much as your going to love this new blessing in your life, it'll be harder to find peace and quiet or alone time in a few weeks.

Milestone: Offically in the '30's'! To me, it's all down hill from here

Emotions: Anxious - I'm anxious about getting everything done: I need to order and put up another decal for behind his crib, I need to get the things out of his closet that we've been storing and put them on craigslist, I need to get a cute tunic to go with my leggings for my shower (it's important people!), I need to sit down with Nick and get a birth plan written out. So much stuff!


quite contrary said...

you look SO great! good luck with everything the next couple of weeks! you will do great!

Anonymous said...

You look great!!

Marian said...

I need to get myself to a Starbucks and fast!!

Lovin' the duck face...and the baby belly even more

Lori said...

Wow, you look great! 30 weeks... getting so close!

I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to read about your journey towards parenthood! Does your little man have a name yet?

A Real Housewife said...

you look great! i think boys and girls are both handfuls in certain ways....and as they grow up, i would think girls become much harder.