Monday, November 15, 2010

New week, same ole' belly

So it's a brand new week ladies, so I'm keepin it positive up in here. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was pretty calm and relaxed. Friday night my Call of Duty addicted (any other girls out there with this issue?) husband played his XBOX all night while I sat comfortably and snuggled down with the laptop to catch up on my blog reading. Oh and we got my FAVORITE pizza -- no complaints here. Saturday I met up with my hairdresser and she worked her magic on me (and my roots) and followed it up with a much needed trim and blending of my layers. I'm not sure if I ever share this, but when I was in NC, I STUPIDLY colored my own hair with too strong of a toner and my hair pretty much snapped off. So I had 2 layers - the shorter layer that took forever to grow out and my long layer underneath. So when I straighten my hair and you were to stare at the back of my head, it probably looked like I was rocking extensions. So without taking away length or making the shorter layer shorter, my girl blended. After my hair and a run to Victorias Secret (let me tell you, I saw SOOO many things I want for Christmas), I grabbed Nick and we headed over to my parents house so my sister could get a few shots of my belly and then a couple shots for our 2010 Christmas cards. We got a lot of great shots, BUUUUT I'm hormonal and like 3 out of the 20 or so that were taken. Either my ass looked huge or I didn't like how my face looked, ha! So here is the one the hubbster and I decided on

I know my belly doesn't look as big as in other shots I had, but it was the most flattering of my face, ha! And it was the one the hubbinator picked (good job baby!)
I am so obsessed and ready for Christmas, I went straight to with my free promotion (click here to get in on that), and ordered our 2010 Christmas cards!! They should be here between the 20-26th and ready to be mailed out, SO excited!
Here are some other random maternity pics my sister took

I'm a dork, I know this, but I thought it was fun cause it's like a huge Buddha belly.
Sunday I went with my Bestie and we went wedding dress shopping and I think she found 'the one'. It's GORGEOUS and she looks amazingly gorgeous in it. I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle in it.
I am still in full Christmas prep mode (I still have my trust Pandora Christmas channel playing here at work) and have been looking at Target for Christmas decor and I'm hoping and praying that a lot of it goes on sale on Black Friday because it would really help the bank account. I'm even eyeing this one little Christmas village for on top of the bar/counter area. Poor Nick is not even going to know what hit him after the decorations are up. I guess we can't overlook Thanksgiving though. We have so much to be thankful for this year. I cannot believe it's next week!!



Marian said...

I love those last 2 shots:)

Anonymous said...

hahah I love those pics!! Shows off your personality and your gorgeous belly!!

Anonymous said...

Love the belly shots. You are too cute!!

erin said...

Those pics are too cute! The one of you and Nick looks great.

Kristin said...

My bf plays COD non stop!! Sometimes its nice though so I can have my free time :) Other times, im like get off already!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you two! And since I have the same shirt, I love your shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

You're not alone. My husband is COD obsessed.

Anonymous said...

PS - You look great in these pics!