Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Monday bites the dust

Hallelujah the Monday work day is ova'! As most of you know I had a great Monday afternoon filled with doctor appointments - pediatrician and OB. I also had an amazing perk - the boss was outta the office today and will be tomorrow as well, WOOT WOOT!

First off was interviewing Troy's NEW pediatrician - Nick and I loved him! It doesn't surprise me though since I had heard amazing things about him from my sisters friends. He even makes home visits if there is an emergency such as me being home sick and if Troy was sick too. He'll also see either Nick or I if we were sick and bringing Troy in. Pretty cool, right? So the next time we see or talk to him will be in January once Troy is born :-)

Now onto the OB: It went very well! I LOVE hearing my son's heart beating. It's music to my ears and it'll never get old. He had a very fast rate and the way she explained it was because he is so active (she's telling me). He squirms SO much these days, more so than any other week or month before. Sometimes he'll have these spazz attacks where it feels like he is shaking my whole uterus really fast. So that's just perfect, he'll grow up to be a huge spazzcase, just what I need, ha! I was curious to see if he was in fact in the transverse position like I had been thinking, but I was wrong. He is laying at a crooked sorta horizontal position across my abdomen with his head down, good boy!

She said he'll move around quite a lot until 35 weeks and then they'll be focusing on making sure he is in the right position for delivery. I'll have 1 more '3 week appointment' on the 3rd and then it's every 2 weeks for the rest of December and then it's every week in January, EEK! When I break it down like that, it seems so close! Oh and another amazing/scary thought?! She said with her best guess, he weighs somewhere between 3.5-4lbs!!!!! WHAT?! I still have about 9 weeks for his due date, and he already weighs 3.5-4lbs! My poor va jay jay.

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday and it wasn't too hard on you! We're 1 day closer to the weekend and I'm just luuurving this crisp fall weather here in Sacramento.



Anonymous said...

Glad you liked your pediatrician. Guess I better get on that!! :)

5th Belle Avenue said...

So glad it went so well! I have an appt today to see how our sweet boy is laying - I'm praying he is head down because we're running out of time! I thought that laying horizontally IS transverse - sigh, I have SO much to learn. :)

Kristin said...

I hear you.... the va jaja is gonna be sore!

Katie said...

wow thats nice of your pediatrician. I saw my pediatrician until I was 20 and he kicked me out of the office hes like your too old lol!! Well aren't you having lovely weather miss. Karli!!! Its was 40s here yesterday and will be in the 50s the rest of the week. blahh!!!!
Your due around the same time as my cousin :) Her baby shower is this weekend!