Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 3 of 12 Day of Christmas Challenge

Woops, totally slacked yesterday on blogging and I have no excuse since I had the day off. The only excuse I got is I was in MAYJA' nesting mode. I cleaned out 3 different closets (of of which still needs to be sorted through a tad more) and cleaned the rest of the place up spick and span! Onto the best blogger challenge of them all - The 12 day of Christmas Challenge!!!!!

Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received

This is so hard for me because I feel as though I have been blessed with such an amazing family, that I can't pick just 1 gift that was the best for me. As an adult, I think my #1 gift has been having a husband who is home from war. Christmas 2005, the hubbinator was deployed and it was also our 1st Christmas as a married couple. It was so hard to be without him, and I was so thankful to have him home the next Christmas.

So that was the best gift I can think of for adulthood. As a kid, my FAVORITE ('s) were:

My hot pink barbie corvette that I could drive everywhere

My pony, Dolly <------ The cuteset little pony ever (According to horse show judges) (I don't have any pictures of Dolly on my computer, but this one is very similar)



Anonymous said...

I had a silver Barbie Corvette. It was awesome.