Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets get this show on the road

Welcome back to Monday ladies! Thought you could run from it, didn't ya? Ugh, me too. But you know what? I am SO thankful I had such a great long weekend. I had a 5 day weekend (thanks to my office manager who gave us last Wednesday off) and it was a weekend that didn't go by too fast. To be honest, I always feel like a 3 day weekend should be the norm for the whole weekends off thing. I never feel quite rested with just 2. Then again, maybe if I got 3 days off, I would start to say I need 4? Or how about I just get money deposited magically into my bank account every 2 weeks and I never have to work? That sounds more like it :) I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed your time with family (and enjoyed your time with that delicious pumpkin pie). Were any of you brave (or crazy depending on who you ask) enough to venture out on Black Friday to get some shopping done? In my previous post, I mentioned how I have everyone done off my Christmas list, but actually I have 1 more person to shop for. So I get to partake in the holiday shopping some more :) I think I got people really good gifts too and I can't wait to give them. I don't know if your like me, but I'm that person who gives someone a certain gift cause I cannot wait to see their faces when they open it which makes it even harder to get my shopping done early in the month - I have a hard time keeping the secret of what I got them. Poor Nick, I'm constantly saying "you just wait till you see what I got you, it's good" and the crap of it is, is if I tell him that too much, he can usually Houdini his way into figuring out what it is.
Now that Thanksgiving is outta the way (not that I'm not thankful), we can get the Christmas show on the road!!! 25 days, 16 hours and 1 minute ladies!! I am chomping at the bit to go get a Christmas tree (we put it up at my parents), so I'm thinking not this weekend (baby shower weekend, duh!), but the next!!! I've seen so many people driving with their Christmas tree's this past weekend and I am jealous. OOOO and tonight we got our 1st "Great Expectations (aka Lamaze)" class!! I will be sure to fill you all in tomorrow. Another fun countdown? 21.5 working days till I'm on maternity leave!!



Marian said...

Seriously...I'm always thinking that the government should look into giving us 3 days a weekend...though I could also use more vacation days if they wanted to do that instead. Like 6 weeks of vacation a year instead of 3..that would be nice as well. And we automatically get the days off from Christmas to New Years because thats just a waste of time at work.

Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm going to need to step away from the pies now and get back into the running gig:)


Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

haha i know what you mean! i love thanksgiving...fall...pumpkins...turkey...pie etc...but hurry up christmas!!!

erin said...

Hey, thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog post. It made me feel better. :)

And only 21 days of work left? Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

My goal is to find a 4-day week job that pays as much as a 5-day week job. Seriously!