Thursday, December 2, 2010

Current obsession

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with:

Fage Greek yogurt with 1 cup of Kashi for my breakfast - never thought I'd stray from my scrambled egg whites every morning, but you know what the say, "Pregnancy makes a woman go crazy!" *Side note: Costco is hands down the best place to buy Greek yogurt. A container this size costs way more at other grocery stores and normally if you go cheap with plain greek yogurt, it can have a funky texture. Just sayin* **Not being paid or given free stuff to say this about Fage yogurt, Costco, or Kashi**

Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, I love it all! I'm actually sorta obsessed. I was driving by a neighbors apartment last night and saw they had more lights on their patio than me. Ummm, not happening sister! I will be going to the nearest CVS and buying TWO more strands to put on my patio just so mine outshines yours.

This cold weather - I've heard people in the Sacramento area complain about it. I love it, give me more of it and in fact, give me some snow!

Daydreaming about running/intense "Operation get Karli's body back" workouts. No joke, I open up my Oxygen magazines while at the gym and just stare at the pictures of women's bodies (in a total envious way of course). My workouts have been "good". Not great, but good. I am 34 weeks pregnant (as of tomorrow), so I know I can cut myself slack, and I am cutting myself slack, but I can't lie - I miss leaving the gym covered in sweat front to back.

Scarves! I have a nice little collection going, but my favorite by far is a soft leopard one my grandma got me one year for my birthday. I wear it almost everyday and it's a staple in my winter wardrobe.

Can be found here at Forever 21

Can be found here at Lulu's



Lindsay said...

love that black scarf!! omg your little baby is almost here. that is so exciting!!! could be a christmas baby :)

Young and Fabulous said...

LOVE kashi crunch! such delicious cereal!

and I'm sure you look FAB for being pregnant! you'll lose the baby weight after in no time!


Annie said...

i hear ya about the gym and working out lady!!! i miss it too! i still go and i still enjoy working out but i miss sweating and really pushing myself. although at my gym i still feel like i'm the one working the hardest, my gym is full of old people who come in and walk for 10 minutes and leave. haha!
here is praying our bodies bounce right back after babies! i think we both have the motivation ;)
i am loving scarves right now as well!! i bought 3 over the weekend!
and i want to try the kashi cereal! i've never had it before. i love vanilla yogurt with fruit lately, num!

hope you are having a great week hun!! :)