Thursday, December 23, 2010

37 weeks - tomorrow

Hello ladies! I am doing the 37 week update a little early because tomorrow, being Christmas Eve and all my schedule looks like this: Wake up, have half an English muffin w/PB, hit the gym for a good sweat sesh and some strength training, come home, cook some scrambled egg whites and toast with a cup of joe (decaf), paint my nails, shower and get myself perrrtty, pack enough clothes for 2 days/nights, load the car with the bags and Miss Daisy Mae, then head to my mom and dad's until we leave Christmas evening. WHEW! Busy, right? Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway I'm having. It's sure to rock your socks off. Click HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE to get directed to the link you need.

Okay, lets do a little 37 week update!

How far along? 37 weeks - FULL TERM PEOPLE!

Baby's size? He's a little over 19 inches. I had my OB appointment today and her best guess was that he will be 7lbs and 7 ounces once he is born. She also said she thinks I'll only have to push for 20 minutes due to my glorious Shakira hips. Let's hope she is right, 20 minutes just pushing, I could do

Weight Gain? I'm getting sick of this question as I'm sure you all are too. I didn't ask this appointment, but will ask at my very last appointment (January 13th)

Stretch marks? Still keeping them away with some EVOO and hydration

Belly button in or out? Depends how he is laying, which according to my doctor is still in the correct vertical position, woo hoo!

Sleep? I'm a super light sleeper these days and it's hard to find a position that I can stay in for more than an hour or two

Foods I am loving? Ice water with lemon, sweets, pizza

Foods I am hating? No such thing and no food is safe from moi

Best moment this week? Getting to spank Troy Maximus's little booty, haha. When my OB was feeling around my stomach to try to guess his weight, she would separate each body part so I could feel and his butt was sticking straight up in the air, and I gave it a little tap hehe. Babies butts are so cute

Movement? Lots of wiggles and shifting going on in there

Symptoms? Lower back has been KILLING me this past week. My Braxton Hicks are becoming painful too. Today I had a few really painful ones. My OB says this is just a glimpse of what's to come. This is fine - but hook me up to the epidural first please :)

Gender? My little man

What I miss? Running, feeling hot, working out hard, wearing my sexy jeans and heels, XBike class

What I will miss? Having him all to myself. I like knowing that he's all mine while he's in my belly

What I'm looking forward to? Christmas and his birth after that! I can't believe the time has finally come, but he can come at any.second!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't forget to drink water. Drink A LOT of water. If too much time passes and those Braxton Hicks come on, they can be way strong.

Milestone: Full term! Troy Maximus is fully developed and is safe to come out. My OB said that he is VERY low down in my pelvic area. This little man is ready to go, now it's just up to my cervix to start dilating

Emotions: Still emotional about everything. Crying over the Christmas jewelry commercials still



Anonymous said...

Yay! :) I hope your "glorious Shakira hips" give you only 20 minutes of pushing, too...haha. I haven't had a weight estimate since my last ultrasound at 20w. :( But I heard weight estimates can be WAY off at this point, so I'm not too worried. I'm still measuring 2 weeks behind, so that leads me to believe he's still a small guy. And UGH, I hear you on the sleep thing. Constant tossing and turning and moaning and groaning, at least 10 times a night, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Yay for full term!! Hope you have a great Christmas!!