Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Thank God it's Thursday, I want it to be Friday already. Friday means payday for both the hubbinator and I, last work day of the week (Duh!), and the hubbinator is also taking me out for a date - dinner and a movie. We are going to see the new Harry Potter movie, which HE is excited about. Me? Eh, I'm most excited for dinner and dessert, obviously. So here are some random tid bits for your Thursday from moi.

*This weekend my mom, bunny boo and I will be venturing out to do some shopping for Christmas and for Mr. Troy Maximus. I have a few things I need to return that I got doubles on and then there are a few things I need to get to be ready for him. Then the Bunny Boo needs to get some Christmas gifts for people on her list, so its bound to be a nice fun busy Saturday!

*Anybody else counting down the days till Christmas?! There are 16 days people...16! If your like my procrastinating husband, you better get a move on! I have 2 people I need to get a couple things for and then just Nick's stocking stuffers. The tree is up and ready to go at my parents house and I'll post pics of that in the next few days. It's always so perrtty!

*Oh and another countdown update? 12.5 days till I go on Maternity leave!! Those are including my half days for doctor appointments, woot woot!! Its a good thing too, cause I am getting ready to crash at about 1pm, my lower back is hurting more and more and I'm just feeling UBER nesty. I need to get a couple meals prepared and in the freezer so I can just pop them in the oven when the baby arrives. I also have things I need to get organized (his books on their shelves, pictures hung in his nursery, a few other knicknacks arranged on shelves).

*My workouts have been slowing down a bit. Due to the uncomfortableness I have been experiencing lately, I am cutting my workouts down to once a day, instead of 2. So I do my 30 minutes on the elliptical at lunch, then I come home and if the weather is decent, take little Daisy Mae for her walk around the apartment complex. I've also been way more chillaxed when it comes to my eating. Im enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy...maybe a little too much haha! Im not someone who eats whatever they want when I'm not pregnant - I eat what I know is healthiest and I RARELY ever splurged. So - I'm loosening the reigns a bit. I'm still getting my healthy double servings of veggies, drinking a ton of water, but I'm also, indulging in some sweets...a LOT of sweets, ha! Don't judge me, I'm plumping this baby up :)

* I made the mistake of looking at old pictures last night and I am SOOOO missing my slim waist. NEVER LOOK AT PRE PREGNANCY PICTURES WHILE PREGNANT! While I am EXTREMELY confident and I wont even entertain haters comments with their whole "good luck with that one!" or "ha, yea, right!"! I have been very diligent with my workouts and eating. Then again, I did just post how I'm letting myself loosen up the reigns these last few weeks, hmmmm :)

Have a wonderful Thursday lovely ladies! Here are some pictures I just found on that are making me smile today



LindseyLove said...

You'll get back to it.. no doubt! Those heels are to die for.. ahh!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Girl you've been doing so good with all your workouts during your pregnancy you'll totally get that body back but I'd agree stay away from those photos till after the baby comes.. Put a picture of a baby face in front of your old photo :)

Kristen Payne said...

I believe you will get that body back... I have never known a women (other than celebs) that keep up a routine like you do! Pretty much my Idol!

Also I have been eye-ing that Winnie the Pooh quote for forever! I plan to buy a vinyl wall sticker and put it on Levi's wall and maybe even Xoe's. I think that every kid should grow up hearing those words!

Lindsay said...

omg you will totally get your body back. hello you are dedicated and you are a personal trainer, i believe in you :)
i like all those little photos/cards you posted, so cute!!!